12th Infantry Regiment Chapter Association
Veterans - As a disclaimer, I am now a member of the 25th I.D. Assoc AND member of the12th Inf Reg't Chapter of the National 4th I.D. Assocation that was formed in August, 2016. I know most of us served with the 25th, but our history is more closely tied to the 4th I.D. than any other division we have served under. --- Sarge 11/28/2016

National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association
Supporting the Veterans, Soldiers and Friends of the 4th Infantry Division Since 1919.
12th Infantry Regiment Chapter

The Association's E-Board has approved the Charter application of the newly formed 12th Infantry Regiment Chapter of the National 4th Infantry Division Association who are in the process of constructing a monument on the Memorial Walk of Honor at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center to honor the Regiment.

Chapter Officers include:

Chapter President - Herb Taylor


which will take you to the 4th ID Association for membership information. From this page you can navigate over to the membership choices on the left hand side of the page. They have a variety to
choose from. I would recommend either the 1 or 3 year REGULAR (Veteran) membership which you can decide to receive the IVY Newsletter in paper or electronic (email) form which is slightly cheaper. You can also elect to choose the Veteran Life Membership. This member allows you to select being a member of the "12th Inf Regiment Chapter". The cost is based on your age bracket. If you select the cheaper E-Life Veteran Membership at $125, this is a "at Large" membership which is not affiliated wtih any individual chapter or group; your just a member of the 4th I.D. Association. I would not recommend this choice, but you can join and if you do so, you can still be part of the 12th Inf chapter, but you have to pay an additional $5 per year to the chapter treasurer.

If you just want to do this for one year, then choose Veteran at $20 per year and indicate your choice for branch or affiliation as "12th Infantry Regiment Chapter. -- Sarge.

12th Infantry Regiment Chapter Association
Chapter Publicist--Rusty Armstrong
Chapter Treasurer--Tim Swan
Chapter VP - Ed Northrop, and Chairperson of the ‘Walk of Honor’ 12IR Monument Project

Current and former members of the Regiment are encouraged to join the ranks of the Chapter through the  National 4th Infantry Division Association and donate to the construction of the Monument.