1967 - May to December
May 1967

1 MAY 67
Colonel Kenneth E. Buell assumed command of 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. Col. Marshall B. Garth departed.

4 MAY 67
Clarence Blanks (25) of Tupelo, MS died of wounds (DOW) received in Binh Duong Province.

13 MAY 67
PFC Dennis L. Hubbard (20) of Gary, IN perished in Tay Ninh Province.

19 MAY 67
SSG James M. Mosgrove of Baltimore, MD
PFC Ronald T. Waldrop of Santee, CA perished in Binh Duong Province.
June 1967


24 JUN 67
"At 2328 24 July [sic] the DAU TIENG base camp received ar [sic] attack by 82mm mortars which lasted for about 11 minutes
resulting in approximately 70 rounds of 82mm HE ammunition impacting inside the base camp and 30 rounds outside the
perimeter. The primary target appeared to be the airstrip. This attack resulted in 50 WHA (17 of which required dust-off) and
1 civilian WHA. One aircraft was destroyed and 24 received substantial damage. Other damage included a fire truck, a
wheeled wrecker, 8-3/4 ton trucks, an RTT Van, and a 15 kilowatt generator. In addition numerous tents had to be salvaged
as a result of damage received during the attack."

25 JUN 67
"A sweep of the suspected mortar position on 25 June located four mortar positions in the vicinity of a village approximately
2 kilometers northwest of the base camp."

"A test of the battalion aircraft support capability came on 25 June 1967." The 20th Transportation Company, 520th
Transportation Battalion ("Pipe smoke") at Cu Chi. "The 188th Assault Helicopter Company, Cu Chi, suffered a devastating
enemy mortar attack that damaged 28 of its 30 aircraft and rendered it ineffective. The 20th Transportation Company (ADS),
which had previously created an 'Instant Reaction Evaluation Team (IRET)' in anticipation of such emergencies, was at the
damage scene within minutes. They designated aircraft on-site repair, evaluation and salvage. Rapid, effective support
enabled the 188th to return to operational status four days after the disaster."

27 JUN 67
PFC Jimmy E. Carter (19) - Co. B 1st platoon - of Smithfield, NC perished in Tay Ninh Province.
August 1967
Brigades are exchanged between the 4th and 25th Divisions
-- From the Fourth "Ivy" Division to the Twenty fifth "Tropic Lightning" Division

1 AUG 67
PFC Steven M. Stofko (19) of Highland, IN perished in Tay Ninh Province.
Co. A was on patrol when they were ambushed and Private Stofko was killed.

On the first of August, 1967 the 2/12th - as a unit in the 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division - was permanently transferred
[assigned] - along with the rest of the 3rd brigade - to the 25th Infantry Division. In effect, the 3rd Brigades of the two
divisions swapped divisions.

The following story appeared in the TROPIC LIGHTNING NEWS, Vol. 2, No.32:

3d BDE, 4th INF NOW 3/25th
DAU TIENG - After being under the operational control of the 25th Inf Div for more than nine months, the 3rd Bde, 4th Div is
now carrying the Tropic Lightning name, as the 3rd Bde, 25th Div.

Prior to coming to Vietnam, most of the men of the 3rd Bde were raw recruits, just drafted into the Army. They were sent to
Fort Lewis, Wash. where they received basic and advanced individual training. Twenty-two hundred draftees in December
1965 became the core of the fledgling brigade.

In Vietnam, the training continued as the brigade first sent out small unit patrols around the Bear Cat base camp. This
progressed into company-sized operations, and then to the first multi-battalion operation-"Bremerton."

Designed to clear Viet Cong out of the Rung Sat Special Zone and also to promote the revolutionary development program in
that area, the 3rd Bn, 22nd Inf and Btry C, 2nd Bn, 77th Arty continued their search and destroy mission in the Rung Sat while
the rest of the brigade moved the base camp to its present location at Dau Tieng.

Since the brigade's arrival at Camp Rainer, November 1966, it has been under the control of the 25th Inf Div in such combat
operations as "Attleboro, Cedar Falls, Gladsden, Junction City, Ahina," and "Diamondhead." These operations covered large
sections of the dense jungle and swampy marshland of War Zone C.

In a single engagement during Operation Junction City, the 3rd Bde decimated the Viet Cong's 272nd Regiment in hand-to-
hand fighting at a small fire support base 35 kms northeast of Tay Ninh. When the four-hour battle was over, 647 Viet Cong
regulars had lost their lives.

The brigade is now responsible for the majority of War Zone C including the Tay Ninh and Dau Tieng base camps and the
large expanse of dense jungle north and west of Dau Tieg to the Cambodian border.

The 3rd Bde is commanded by COL Kenneth E. Buell and consists of three infantry battalions and one artillery battalion. The
3rd Spt Bn provides logistical support for the large brigade.

The 2nd Bn (Mech), 22nd Inf. commanded by LTC Ralph W. Julian provides the mechanized punch for the brigade operations
while the two other infantry battalions, the 2nd Bn, 12th Inf, and the 3rd Bn, 22nd Inf, scour the jungles with the
thoroughness only the man who is walking, and at times, crawling through the jungle can achieve. The 2/12 "White Warriors"
are commanded by LTC James F. Greer, while LTC James E. Hilmar leads the 3/22 "Regulars."

27 AUG 67
"On 27 August 1967 one man of the 2d Battalion, 12th Infantry (25th Infantry Division), was killed when he was hit by
machine gun fire from a CH-47 helicopter. The door gunner of the CH-47 had been hit and killed by enemy ground fire. His
death grip on the trigger of the M-60 machine gun caused it to strafe the defensive position of a company of the 2/12th
Infantry resulting in the casualty." [Source: Shrader, Charles R. "Amicicide: the problem of friendly fire in modern war." U.S.
Army Command and General Staff College. Combat Studies Institute, Washington DC 1982]

29 AUG 67
D Co KIAs:
PFC Donald L. Gasser (25) of Berkeley, CA
PFC. Roman Sisneros (22) of Anton Chico, NM perished in Tay Ninh Province.
September 1967 

New company is formed:
The 1st platoon of Co. A, and two platoons from B & C companies were joined  to form Co. D 2/12th."  When the battalion
first arrived in Viet Nam, there was no Delta Company. In September 1967 they took one platoon each from Alpha, Bravo
and Charlie Companies to form a new company - Delta. 

11 SEP 67
PFC Stephen R. Ford (21) of Lisle, IL perished in Binh Duong Province. 
October 1967

13 OCT 67
C Battery, 2/32 Arty sets up at Dau Tieng with 8 inch and 175mm cannons.

17 OCT 67
B Co KIA's:
SP4 Christopher E. Herderick (20) of Buena Park, CA;
SP4 Willie Vann Goree (20), 2nd platoon, of Crossett, AR;
SP4 Anthony J. Vaickus (20) of Chicago, IL both perished in Binh Long Province.

Medic PFC Raymond B. Minus (23) of Detroit, MI perished in Binh Long Province.

23 OCT 67
PFC Charles A. Rieger (18) of Philadelphia, PA perished in Binh Duong Province.


25 OCT 67
A Co KIA's:
SP4 Bobby J. Bonin (20) of Pasadena, TX;
PFC Gordon J. Graham (24) of Yale, MI;
PFC Alex R. Houston (21) of Pink Hill, NC;
SP4 Arthur C. Roesler (20) of Robinson, IL and
PFC Carl S. Thorne-Thomsen (20) of Lake Forest, Ill perished in Binh Duong Province.

"The 25th of October was a bad day for A/2/12," wrote Bill Comeau ".... the company walked into a horseshoe
shaped ambush."

31 OCT 67
Curtis F. Williams, Jr. (20) of Stuart, FL perished in Tay Ninh Province.
November 1967
November 2 to November 7, 1967

2-12th air assaults 7 miles northeast of Loc Ninh, Binh Long Province and established battalion base camp.

The 2/12th INF (LTC Raphael D. Tice), 3rd Brigade, 25th Division, moves North and become Operational Control (OPCON) to the
1st Brigade (Col. George E. Newman), 1st Division.

The battalions landing was unopposed, that evening eight enemy walked into the night laager position and were taken under
fire by the Warriors. Four members of the 272nd Viet Cong Regiment were killed and four captured. In response, the VC
attacked the Warriors' position that evening (030220 hrs) resulting in tweny-eight more enemy killed.

2 NOV 67
2/12 Inf of 25 In Div: The Bn conducted an CA into LZ vic XU785135 and secure NDP and became OPCON 1st Bde.

3 NOV 67
B Co KIA's:
PFC John H. Davis (24) of New York, NY; and
PFC Ronald J. Ensley (19) of Murfreesboro, TN perished in Binh Long Province.
These mennsive positions repelling an enemy ground attack at 0230H.

PFC James "Doc"  T. Morris, Jr. (19) of Wilmington, DE perished at Loc Ninh in Binh Long Province. Doc Morris is hit several
times and is mortally wounded while carrying out his duties during the firefight. Chester Bullard "recounts about moving
through the jungle one day and they were halted. He says they were going to call in a air strike on something up ahead, so he
sat down and leaned back against a tree....after a minute or two he decided to move to a position behind an ant hill just a
little ahead, not far, and got down on his belly. Right when he moved, another guy came up and sat down right where he had
been a moment before...the jet came in and dropped a bomb, he said he heard something come like "swooshing?" through
the air, like a fragment or something and low and behold it hit that guy right in the forehead part of his helmet and caved it in
and went through his forehead".

SP4 Johnson
SP4Warren Burton
and others

"2/12 Inf/25th Inf Div: The Bn -conducted search and destroy operations plus NDP security. At 022H vic Bn NDP the Bn received
40 to 50 mortar rounds. Spooky, LFT, FAC, were placed in the air for the support of the Bn's contact. At 0230H the Bn received a
ground attack from the Northeast, East, and Northwest. At 0245H the attack lightened. At 0459H contact was broken. US losses
were 3 KHA and 34 WHA. VC losses were 40 KA and 5 POW's. At 1005H The VC attacked the NDP. LFT, Arty and A/S were placed
ear the area of contact. US losses and no VC losses were reported. At 1435H vic 780140, Co A located human remains and flesh,
est 1 VC."

4 NOV 67
PFC Louis J. Sebastian of New York, NY perished in Binh Long Province.
Louis dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by another GI while he was cleaning his weapon.

2nd platoon's Raoul Furry severely wounded at
Loc Ninh, Binh Long Province, and evacuated.

"2/12 Inf: The Bn conducted search and destroy operations plus NDP security. At 1005H vic XU800141, Co. D patrol located and
destroyed a booby trapped military structure. At 1400H, vic XU781135, the Bn (-) located five VC bodies in fresh graves, 18-
60mm mortar rounds, medical supplies, 60mm mortar sight, crossbow and 2 plastic gas masks. At 1415H vic XU780137, the Bn (-
) located 1 VC body. At 1430H, vic XU781116 the Bn (-) found VC body, 6--60mm mortar rounds, and 4 CHICOM grenades. At
1455H, vic XU785135, Bn (-) located one VC body. At 1501H, vic XU755078 the Bn (-) located one body inside a hole 20 meters
from the NDP."

5 NOV 67
"2/12 Inf: The Bn continued to conduct search and destroy operations and NDP security. At 0945H vic XU779137 the Bn located
seven VC bodies, [? - b.h.] 60mm mortar rounds, and 1 CHICOM grenade. At 1055H vic XU775137, the Bn (-) located and
destroyed seven bunkers and 200 rounds of AK-47 ammo. At [? - b.h.] vic XU767154 the Bn (-) located and destroyed 30
foxholes with overhead cover. At 1500H vic XU773142 the Bn (-) located and destroyed 60 (one) foxholes, 50 rounds of AK-47
ammo and 4 CHICOM grenades."

6 NOV 67
Medic SP4 Thomas G. Hawkins of Phoenix, AZ perished in Binh Long Province.

"2/12 Inf: The Bn conducted search and destroy operations plus NDP security. At 0920H, vic XU792137 the Bn (-) located and
destroyed 10 MG positions, one right foot (human), and bits of human remains, est. 1 body. At 1050H vic XU812143 the Bn
located 3 booby trapped bamboo piles. At 1825H vic NDP the unit received 20-60mm mortar round. Fire was returned with
countermortar fire. Arty, Spooky, A/S and LFT were placed in the area that mortar rounds came from. US losses were 18 WHA."
[SOURCE: 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division Operation SHENANDOAH II 8 December 1967 ]

7 NOV 67
SGT Myron Williams, 4th platoon.

2/12 Inf: The Bn conducted a combat extraction from field location to SONG BE without incident.
Song Be, East of Loc Ninh, had a airstrip for fixed aircraft.
15 NOV 67
A Co KIAs:
SP4 Jimmy E. Flynn (24) of Somerset, KY and
SP4 Donald E. Kreuscher (21) of Merrick, NY
perished in Phuoc Long Province.

16 NOV 67
Medic SP4 John Steven "Steve" "Doc" McConnell (20), Alpha Co,  of Orrville, Ohio.

20 NOV 67
PFC Gregory S. Fennimore (19) of Elwood, IN perished in Tay Ninh Province.

PFC Kenneth A. Peterson (20) of Roanoke, TX
perished in Tay Ninh Province.

28 NOV 67
SSG William T. Poston (23) of Dallas, TX perished
in Binh Duong Province.
December 1967

Sometime in December, C Co CPT Donald Oura is replaced by CPT Vernon Smith

2 DEC 67
PFC Donald Wayne Thompson (22) of Montezuma, IA
perished in Binh Duong Province. Posthumously promoted to Corporal.

Private First Class Thompson was originally assigned to Co. A and when Co. D was formed he was assigned to Delta. He was
acting as a squad leader in Delta at the time of his death.

Co. D's Lieutenant Ron Hendricks has to say about the events on the 2nd;
"It was the same day the mech fired on A Co.. Between the time Thompson was KIA and the A Co. incident we lost a combat
engineer to a command detonated bomb. I don't remember the exact location, we were working with the mech heading
toward Dau Tieng. We assaulted a small village at the site but found nothing. We were then told to load onto the APCs to get
back to Dau Tieng ASAP. We had specific orders not to fire into the bush as A Co. was strung out along the road to provide
security. The mech never should have fired. The A Co. CO was hit in the buttocks by a .50 cal round."


7 December - 16 December 1967 (Phase I)
28 December 1967 - 31 January 1968 (Phase II)

Mission: During Operation Yellowstone 2/12th was called on to perform missions in several different areas.

a. On first mission, 9 December 1967, commencing H-Hour, D+1 2/12th Inf (-) conducts combat assault into LZ 1, secures
southern portion of FSB HOOD (Bde Base). On D+2 effects link-up with TF 2/22 and conducts offensive operations in assigned
AO to locate and destroy VC/NVA Forces and instalations until D+7. On D+8 2/12th (-) conducts airmobile move to FSB RENO
and continues to contact and destroy VC/NVA Forces until D+15. From D+15 to D+60 2/12th conducts detailed Reconnaissance
in Force Operations in assigned AO.

b. On 2nd mission, 28 December 1967, commencing 0700H, 2/12th Inf (-) conducts airlift by fixed wing aircraft to Katum,
becomes OPCON to 1st Bde, 25th Inf Div.

US Losses 5 KHA 47 WHA
Enemy Losses 35 VC killed (BC), 1 VC killed (poss)

8 DEC 67
2/12th(-) preparing for operation.
Co. C tasked as 3rd Brigade Ready Reaction Force (RRF).
[SOURCE: HQ2/12th INF AAR 15Mar68]

9 DEC 67
From 0935 to 1100 hrs the battalion (minus Co. C) is air lifted into an LZ at (XT387704) - FSB Hood, 25 klicks NNW of Dau Tieng
on the old Soui Tre/FSB Gold battlefield. Fire Support Base Hood was built a few hundred meters southeast of Gold.

Co. C at Dau Tieng as 3d Brigade Rapid Reaction Force.
Co. C sends one platoon by air to FSB Grant (XT380620) 18 klicks northwest of Dau Tieng near Ap Tan Thiet/Xa. Loc Ninh - off
LTL13 and near its intersection with LTL-19.

Co. D found 2 bouncing betty mines on LZ and destroyed.

10 Dec 67
Element of Co. C at Dau Tieng airlifted to FSB Grant (XT382625) at 8:35 am for security and returned Chinook to Dau Tieng at
9:30 pm. Co. C sweeped just south of Dau Tieng to verify report of 10 VC in the area (XT502465). One platoon was left OPCON
to Task Force Romeo and remained as RRF/.

Battalion (minus) conducted CA at 1:00 pm vic XT442686.

11 DEC 67
BN (-) operations vic XT4696.

Co. C at 9:50 pm ambush patrol (XT509465 sprung with movement in area. Negative results.

12 DEC 67
BN (-) operations XT462698, to XT467679, XT470684 and XT476693 then returned. Negative contact.

RECON platoon located and destroyed seven bunkers at (XT472691) south of the Soui Bu Chiem (Bu Chiem stream) at 0950

The battalion laagered at (XT464498) that evening.

Co. C(-) remain Dau Tieng as Bde RRF.
13 DEC 67
2/12th (-) conducted Eagle Flights into 4 areas of AO Otter, (XT3877), (XT38777), (XT3978) and (XT3478). At 1625H [until?] fire
from (XT3478). Laager for night (XT34?785). XT463696 BN (-) operations.

BN (-) Eagle Flights into four areas of AO Otter. tp XT3?3775, XT376757, XT375769, and XT73775.

RECON platoon drew sniper fire, at 4:40 PM, from (XT3478). Gunships and artillery results no negative results. No US

7:44 PM Co. D XT467702 ambush patrol observe 3 VC north digging in their ambush site. Artillery called in and 3 VC KIA (poss).
Sweeping the next morning, two bicycles found and destroyed.

Battalion laager for the night of the 13th at (XT340785).

Co. C(-) at Dau Tieng as RRF as 3rd Brigade.

2/12th airlifted back to Dau Tieng due to possible enemy offensive action. Base camp received 45 rounds enemy mortar fire,
scattered small arms fire, but no major offensive action.

14 DEC 67
2/12th on Eagle Flight lifted to (XT3279). They then returned to Dau Tieng because of Intelligence Report. Last element arrived
1525H. Bn went on Red Alert 1800H for possible attack.  under mortar attack at 2130H. Approximately 45 mortar rounds fell in
Bn across. 2/12th suffered 3 WHA's."

Co. A air assaults into (vic XT359798). without contact returns to DAU TIENG by 1525 hours [3:25 PM] because of Intel report of
poss. attack on base. The first helicopter lift received small arms from XT479465 with no damage.

The battalion is put on Red Alert at Dau Tieng. The base received approximately 45 rounds of mortar fire between 9:30 and
11:30 p.m. resulting in three WIAs.

15 DEC 67
Recon went on mounted patrol in Ben Cui Rubber departing 0905H. They closed base camp at 1430H. Co's C & D departed base
camp 0700H to establish two ambushes in Michelin. Co D established their ambush at (XT512483) and C at (XT519496). As C Co
prepared to leave the ambush camp at 1535H. One platoon from C Co remains at FSB GRANT.

RECON crossed the Saigon River and moved west into the Ben Cui rubber plantation.

Co.'s C(-) & D left Dau Tieng Base for a patrol and to set up ambushes in the Michelin, north-northeast of the camp.

Co. C's ambush site was one klick north of Ap 6 (at XT510496). Co. C hit two mines just north of AP 6 (at XT510488) wounding
two. They closed the wire at Dau Tieng near 3:30 PM. One platoon of Co C was still detached at FSB Grant (XT380620).

Co. D's ambush site was just outside and south of AP 6 (at XT512483).

16 DEC 67

Co. A combat assaulted to (XT455530) then started moving to night ambush site. At 1540H at (XT455522) they found 10 bunkers.
At 16??H at (XT463522) located 3 bunkers 10' x 24' x 8'. All bunkers were destroyed/. At 1720H at (XT464524) they located 2
bicycles along the river, also one [unkn] boat and one sampan. Co A's ambush site the night established at (XT465523). Bn (-)
remained at Camp Rainier with mission of Bde Reaction Force. The platoon from Co C returned to Dau Tieng from FSB GRANT
0930H. Recon ambush patrol at 1845H was in contact at (XT509461) on all sides. Artillery, gunships and firing from checkpoint
was used to get patrol back to base camp at 2000H. Checkpoint at Post #1 at 2330H received incoming grenade with negative

Co. A flew 7 klicks north-northwest of Dau Tieng to a cold landing zone (vic XT455534) near the Saigon River (at XT455530).
They moved over a klick southeast and discovered and destroyed three bunkers (at XT463522). Moving northeast towards the
river, they found two bicycles, a submerged boat, and a sampan. Alpha then moved due south and established an ambush site
along a trail (at XT465523). End of day XT465525

Co. C(-) at FSB Grant returned to Dau Tieng in the morning. The remainder of the battalion was acting as the 3rd Brigade's
Ready Reaction Force.

RECON's ambush patrol received fire from all sides at 6:45 pm (at XT509461) - a klick SEE of the base. Artillery and gunships
helped the patrol to disengage and return to base by 8 pm. At 11:30 PM, Post #1 received a grenade with no friendly

December 17 to December 27, 1967

2/12th participated in Operation Camden.

17 DEC 67
2/12th continues as RRF at Dau Tieng.

Co. A operations from XT465525 to XT465500 [NW of Dau Tieng. - b.h.] where the company extracted at 3 pm back to Dau Tieng.

1:50 pm Co. B and C eagle flight to XT519517 and conducted operations until 4:37 pm. In the Michelin 2 miles of Dau Tieng Base
Camp. No contact and returned to Dau Tieng.


18 DEC to 27 DEC 1967

The 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division attempt to destroy the 101st NVA Regiment in the "Trapezoid" AO (south of Dau
Tieng).FSB Lafayette East XT586423 in the bulb of "the Onion."FSB Allen XT541492 in the Michelin plantation at a crossroad 3/4
klick east of AP 3. Five klicks northeast of Dau Tieng Base Camp.

18 DEC 67
Co. A(-) at Dau Tieng acting as the camp Ready
Reaction Force.

Co. A assault to cold LZ vic XT585419 at 7:21 am.

One platoon of Co. A is OPCON to
2/77th Field Artillery as security at FSB Allen (XT541492) in the Michelin.

Base camp established XT57415

In addition, Co. A is tasked with providing road security and convoy escort south out of Dau Tieng along Highway LTL-14.
Company A maintained these duties throughout Operation Camden.

At 0721 hours, 2/12th Inf(-) makes a combat air assault into a "cold" landing zone in an area known as "the Onion" (vic
XT585419). The 12th's landing in the rice paddies was followed an hour latter by elements of the 3/22nd Inf. The 2/12th moved
(generally) south-west-west 1 klicks - patrolling as they went - and established a Night Defensive Position (NDP) at
XT570415. A "Night Kit" of sandbags, barbed wire, claymores etc. was flown in at night and was "extracted" in the morning by
the Muleskinners of the 242nd Aviation Co. - a practice that continued throughout Operation Camden.

19 DEC 67
The 2/12th Inf(-) patrolled (generally) northwest and established a NDP at XT565425 near a tributary of the Rach (stream) Can
Nom (approx. 2 klicks due west of The Onion). There was negative contact during the day. Unfortunately, one platoon of
Alpha was not so lucky. Shortly after 10 a.m. mines were detonated on the convoy along LTL-14 at XT523413 causing 9 KIA and 7
WIA amoungst the convoys' personnel.

20 DEC 67
WIA: Ron Mosley wounded.

2/12th Inf(-) continued to work out of the NDP at vicinity XT565425 - an area some 3 klicks (1 miles) south of the southern-
most edge of the Michelin rubber plantation.

At 0920 hours Company C spotted 4 VC at XT562426 and engaged them with artillery fire with unknown results.

At1205 hours Co. A, while working road security south of Dau Tieng of LTL-14, suffered 5 WIA from booby traps (vic XT501441)
norh of the bridge over the Suoi Duo at Xom Dua village - some two clicks SE of the base..

21 DEC 67
2/12th Inf(-) continued operations out of a night defensive position (NDP) in the vic of XT564424, a base they had been at for
three days now, with negative contact.

22 DEC 67
2/12th Inf(-) continued operations in the same area west of "the Onion." They patrolled southeast three klicks and
established a NDP in the vic of XT576393.

Co. A, while on road security along LTL-14, at 1050 hours exploded a mine wounding one Alpha trooper south of the bridge at
Xom Dua. [Going south on LTL-14 out of Dau Tieng, there were two bridges pretty close together and then this bridge - the
same bridge as the December 20th incident.]
[SOURCE: ibid]

23 DEC 67
PFC John R. Phillips (20) died of wounds (DOW) received in Binh Duong Province.

2/12th Inf(-), working out of a NDP (vic XT576393), patrolled SSE to vic XT583377.

At 0835 hours Co. A, while on road security southwest of Dau Tieng along LTL-14, detonated a booby trap resulting in 1 US WIA
(vic XT476393).

Shortly after 2 PM Co. D found a VC body (1VCBC) in a bunker, in the middle of the Xom Ben Tranh(2) rubber plantation

24 DEC 67
PFC Larry W. Pierce (21) of Baden, PA perished in Binh Duong Province.

2/12th Inf(-) continued patrolling and established a NDP at XT588364. Co. A continued to guard Dau Tieng as the Ready
Reaction Force(RRF).

25 DEC 67
2/12th Inf(-) continued to work out of the NDP (vicXT5834) and prepared for the end of Operation Camden.

At 1955 hours a 2/12th Dau Tieng ambush patrol was engaged by an estimated force of 4 VC, with small arms, in the vicinity of
XT512408. Fire was returned with organic weapons with unknown results.

27 DEC 67
PFC Guillermo Estrada is wounded in a friendly fire error.

31 DEC 67
PFC Guillermo Estrada (24) from Gary, IA,  dies from wounds occuring on 27 Dec.
1967 - May to December
Operation Units with Brigade
Operation Ahina May 13-18, 1967
3rd Bde, 4th Inf Div
2/22 Mech
2/77 Arty
Btry B 1/11th Arty
2/12th Detached to 1st Bde 9th Div
Learn more about this operation
Learn more about this operation
3rd Bde: 2/12th, 2/22 (M), 3/22 - 4th Div OPCON'd to the 25th Division until August 1st, then reflagged to the 25th Div. Delta Co is formed by taking one platoon from each company and filling in with volunteers from other units.

COL Marvin D. "Red" departs 25th Division HQ
Sometime in July C Co changes C.O.'s, and CPT John Napper leaves to become S-1 and CPT Donald Oura  arrives.

14 JUL 67
LTC Raphael D. Tice assigned as Deputy Brigade Commander 3rd Bde, 4th Div

20 JUL 67
C Co KIA's:

PFC Johnny T. Branham (18) of Winnsboro, SC
PFC Thomas Gurley (23) of Somerville, AL, perished

From Jack Mitchell, who served with Tom:
I met Tom Gurley the day he died. I was a replacement new in country and just assigned to Charlie Company. The mission
was supposed to be a snap. Just a one day sweep outside our base camp located on the Michelin Rubber Plantation.
It was getting late in the afternoon and we were almost back to camp. The word came back to take a five-minute break. I sat
down and leaned against a rubber tree completely worn out. As I lit a cigarette Tom and a kid named Branhan, from Chicago I
believe walked up and asked if they could borrow a smoke. As I handed them my pack Tom asked me how "short" I was. I
mumbled something about having more than 300 days left. Both of them were "short-timers" and tried to cheer me up with
some encouraging words. We got the word to get up and head out for base camp. Within seconds a huge directional mine
went off. I was blown up and back into the branches of a rubber tree. The blast had killed two, Tom and Brannon and
severely wounded six others. Other than a mild headache I didn't have a scratch. A sergeant did all he could to keep Tom
alive, but he just couldn't make it. I helped carry his body to a cleared area and a dust-off Huey took the wounded and dead
out of the area.

Although I've felt guilty for 30 years I came out of that moment unharmed it also made me realize when it's your time that's
just the way the cards are dealt. It gave me a great inner strength and I know helped me to survive the next twelve months
in the hell known as Vietnam. If any relative or friend of Tom Gurley reads this I can only tell you he died quickly and never
knew what hit him. And he didn't die alone. His buddies did all they could to help and like me, won't ever forget him even if
all I shared with him was a cigarette and a few last moments of his life. God bless him and all the others.

23 JUL 67

PFC James J. McCarthy (19) of New York, NY died of wounds (DOW) received in Binh Duong Province.
Eyewitness accounts - Loc Ninh 1967