1968 - June to September
JUNE 1968
In June, 1968 General Creighton Abrams takes command of MACV from GEN Westmoreland.

Operation TOAN THANG,
Phase II Begins

1 June 1968 to 16 February 1969

Mission: Brigade conducts offensive operations in TAOI commencing 1 June 1968 to:

a. Frustrate enemy plans, locate and destroy VC/NVA forces, base camps and support areas.
b. Defend Phu Cuong, Ba Bep and Trang Bang Bridges.
c. Clear and secure MSR's.
d. Execute Pacification program (after 25 Oct "Colors Up").
e. Conduct VCI operations.
f. Develop targets for B-52 and persistent CS strikes.
g. Conduct combined offensive operations in conjunction with 25th and 5th ARVN Infantry Divisions
throughout TAOI to destroy enemy forces.
h. Interdict movement by VC/NVA forces through the TAOI through various corridors by extensive activities
within the corridors.
[Source: Headquarters 2d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division Combat Operations After Action Report {RCS: MACJ3
K-1 Operation TOAN THANG, Phase II 010001 June 1968 - 162400 February 1969. Hear after referred to as: 2d
Bde 25 Div AAR Op Toan Thang.]

The 2/12th spends June in Dau Tieng. For the first 10 days every night the entire battalion is on ambush
patrols working both sides of the village, with the Michelin Rubber on the east side and the Ben Cui Rubber to
the west. Meanwhile, Alpha Co is OPCON'd to the 11th Cav.

2 JUN 68
LT Scudder, 2nd platoon.

3 JUN 68
COL Ashley J Lewis assumes command of 3rd Brigade from COL Leonard R Daems Jr.

5 JUN 68
Robert "Bobby" Kennedy assassinated.

9 JUN 68
C Co. KIA:
PFC Juan Antu (20) of Uyalde, TX perished in Tay Ninh Province a during night ambush patrol.
The company was conducting plt size ambushes in the Ben Cui Rubber west of Dau Tieng. 3rd plt runs into a
group of VC  in a lightning storm and suffers 1 KIA and 13 WIA's including 1LT Ron Hendricks, the company CO.

11 JUN 68
C Co RIF's to the east and sets up daylight Ap's. Along the way the company makes contact with a squad of VC.
Our CO calls in an airstrike.1LT Jimmy Ford assumes control of Charlie Company with Hendricks being
wounded We make contact as one of our flankers is hit with small arms fire. 1LT Ford calls for a LFT and TAC
air. Crawling nearly 100 meters only inches below crisscrossing fire from four enemy machine guns, Doc
Dennis Sheppard works to rescue his critically wounded buddy. It was difficult to pinpoint the location of the
four rattling machine guns. As the company’s senior medic, Specialist 5 Dennis R. Sheppard of North
Hollywood, Calif., began his crawl from a point near the center of the troop column.

Doc was joined by rifleman PFC Dennis R. Buckley of Burbank, Calif.  Together they maneuvered under
withering fire. "We moved in a zig-zag pattern for about 50 meters," said Buckley. Reaching the injured man in
knee-deep grass, Sheppard decided more help would be needed.  As Buckley returned for assistance, the
unarmed medic began administering first aid. Gunships roared in overhead to cover the evacuation.  Firing
within 20 meters of the wounded soldier, their rockets rained tiny bits of shrapnel on the struggling medical
corpsman. Moments later three more White Warriors reached the scene.  Carefully moving the still-conscious
man across 30 meters of exposed area, they reached the cover of a hedgerow.  A dustoff evacuation chopper
had been summoned.
"But the situation was critical," said Sheppard. "Thus, it was necessary to have the injured man extracted by
gunship." Within minutes the medic and his patient were inbound to the 12th Medical Evacuation Hospital in
Cu Chi. "A lot of credit is due to the crew of that gunship," said Sheppard. "The door gunners worked like
experienced corpsmen.  One of them managed the intravenous bottle throughout the flight." The other three
rifleman who aided in the rescue was SGT Arthur Hood of Churchrock, N.M, SP4 John Jouck from Farokoa
Queens, N.Y. and Lynwood C Keatts of Gretna, Va. Both Sheppard and Buckley were awarded the Bronze Star
for this action.

13 and 14 JUN 68
While C and D are conducting RIF's in the vic of XT511469, we make contact again and more air strikes are
called in at XT496485 with neg results. 1LT Chris Brown is sent to 3/22nd after receiving a reprimand, and 1LT
R.W. "Bud" McDaniel takes over 3rd Plt.

15 JUN 68
Co C CA's out to XT541492 loc of FSB Allen and is OPCON'd to the 1st Bde 506th, 101st ABN while Co A is
OPCON'd to 3/4 Cav. This FSB site was used during OPERATION CAMDEN, Dec 1967.

18 JUN 68
A Co. KIA's:
SP4 Audrey J. Cook (20) of Baltimore, MD; and
PFC Andrew J. Pacheco (18) of Tucumcari, NM perished in Hua Nghia Province while Co A is OPCON'd to the
3/4 Cav.

19 JUN 68
D Co is airlifted to Trang Bang to FSB Stuart and is OPCON'd to 3/4 Cav.

20 Jun 68
PFC Marvin McCain walks outside the perimeter unknown to everyone. Around 5PM, a search is conducted
and a MIA report is filed with Battalion. A search of the area is conducted the next day but the SSG is no where
to be found. Marvin's body is found and repatriated on 8/17/1973.

21 JUN 68
C Co is released from the 101st and returns to Camp Rainer. Upon arrival Co C sends 1st and 2nd plts to help
secure Nui Ba Dien from VC threat. They will remain there about two weeks.

For the rest of the month, the battalion sweeps the rubber plantations in the daytime and pulls Ap's at night.
There is little or no reported contact. It continues to rain and working the rubber at night in wet weather is
scary. It is so dark, even with moonlight, it is difficult to see very far.
JULY 1968


The brigade is dispatched to Hoc Mon area and assigned to CMAC. Along with the 1/5th and the 4/9th we have
set up a line of defense to shield Saigon from the threat of another Tet offensive. We find ourselves in the
same AO as we were in February and March, earlier this year. The battalion is set up in two Nl's with A and D
together to our west and B and C located about three clicks away. We spend the month running MEDCAP' in the
daytime along with traffic controls, RIF's and everyone is pulling night time AP's.

Co. B's (Sgt.) Larry Fontana writes, "...we were in a laager, not a FSB. Just 2/12, 2/22, 4/9. ...July and August of
1968. Only saw the 2/22 one day on the road somewhere. Lonely out there. Glad Alpha was there for company.
MILES away from Hoc Mon Town and Tan Son Nhut. Think we were just a little bleep in the radar during a quiet
time in that area." [FONTANA]

Enemy strength: July 1968: 288,000.

9 JUL 68
BN is airlifted south from Dau Tieng to near Tan Son Nhut by CH-27's (2) starting at 0655 with B Co on the first
lifts. Co.'s A & B are laarged together (XS740998) and Co.'s C & D are laagered together (XS758999) approximately
3 clicks apart west of Saigon. We are in the middle of large rice fields near small hamlets. There's a large tree in
the center of the laager and a cemetery off to the side. To our east is the 4/9th and 1/5th.

D Co. KIA:
PFC Edward Lester (21) of Chapmanville, WV perished in Hua Nghia Province. Edward accidently discharges his
rifle. His death is logged as an accidental homicide.

14 JUL 68
C Co. KIA:
PFC Richard A. McGeath (20) of Murphysboro, IL perished in Gia Dinh Province.
C Co. WIA: 4 WIA's, two are ambulatory, including SGT Dale Freidig who takes a round in the shoulder, and is
sent to Japan and returns to the company in Sept.

Around 2230 C 36 runs into trouble. Richard McGeath died while on a ambush patrol southwest of Hoc Mon. This
was his first patrol and it should not have ended this way. 3rd Plt while out on a ambush patrol, overshoots it's
azimuth. Another AP from A Co., A16 sees C Co.'s ambush patrol and mistakes it for the enemy. Co. A sets up it's
ambush and springs it on C36. When all the shoots stops, only after all the claymores were touched off and
hearing the cussing that was unmistakably American, each element calls for a cease fire. A Dust Off is radio'd for
and is completed about 2250. Both AP's were out of position.

25 JUL 68
A Co. KIA:
SGT Carson G. Culleton (27) of Lincoln, IL died of wounds (DOW) received in Binh Duong Province.

From Carson's son Christian, the story of what happened to his father.
My dad arrived In Country 6 Sept 1967.  After being out in the field for about 55 days before, during and after Tet,
he was taken out of the field for good and was assigned to the A Company Commo Shack (I've attached a photo
of him inside the Commo Shack).  I don't have access to his MOS right now, but he was one of the A Company
commo shack operators along with Bill Carle (one of my dad's best friends over in Vietnam) and a blonde-haired
guy named Barclay (I don't have a first name for him).  Carle went home at the beginning of July, 1968 and my
dad returned from R&R in Australia around the second week of July.  I knew that most of the men in DT were sent
to Saigon to act as security in July, 1968, but it is my understanding that a skeleton crew needed to remain behind
to keep the camp running.  During this period, my dad worked every day alongside a guy named John Marrs, who
was the company clerk.

Early in the morning of July 25, my dad and Marrs got together, as they did every morning, to fix and repair
things that needed attention.  On that morning, I believe that Dad had to go to the perimeter of the camp to
repair some commo wire.  At 9am, each of them was showering at diagonally opposite sides of the A Company
shower tent when two rounds came in.  This story was related to me in person by John Marrs.  No one will know
for sure if it was one or two rounds, or whether they were mortars or rockets.  Marrs was unharmed, just
knocked down, be knew that the blast was very near my father.  Marrs ran around the shower wall and went to
my dad's aid, where he found my dad mostly incoherent and bleeding badly from the left side of his neck.  My
dad was trying to speak but nothing but gurgling noises came out.  Marrs has survivor guilt about this, but Marrs
had a jeep and the keys to the jeep and it was nearby the shower tent and there's no way my dad could have
gotten to the DT aid station any faster.  Marrs told me he threw my dad over his shoulder, ran and dumped him in
the jeep, drove the jeep as fast as he could, one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand on my dad's neck
trying to slow the bleeding.  Marrs could tell that he was bleeding out and could tell from the look in my dad's
eyes that if he wasn't physically dead, he was dead in spirit.  My dad was put on a gurney and wheeled into the
aid station, and that was the last that Marrs knew about my dad.

One of the medics that worked on my dad knew he was short, and he mailed a letter to Bill Carle to describe all of
the actions that were taken to try to save my dad's life.  I wish I could have seen a copy of this letter, but Bill Carle
passed away last June.  According to the medic, my dad's chest was cut open so that his heart could be massaged
by hand in order to pump blood, but it was too little too late.  For four hours my dad's heart was massaged by

I can't thank you enough for clearing something up for me.  I was told/was under the impression that there was
an evacuation hospital at DT.  Now that you've told me that it would have taken a chopper awhile to get to an
evacuation hospital, I'm sure based on my dad's wounds, the decision was made not to fly him out because he
would have surely died en route.  But honestly, I don't know if he was sent to an evacuation hospital.

The battalion remains in their NL locations. We perform several CA 's in the area and conduct some cordon
and search' s to the local villages. To the west we travel out to search the waterways and canals for hidden
weapon and food caches and have great success. The VC are avoiding any action right now while they
reorganize their forces. We pull the usual night time patrols with no success.

4 AUG 68
D Co. DOD: SP4 Eugene M. Barnett (19) of Cincinnati, OH perished of illness/disease.

21 AUG 68
Medic SP4 Alfred "Doc" L. Bailey, Jr. (21) of Los Angeles, CA perished in Gia Dinh Province.

29 AUG68
1LT Ron Hendricks leaves as CO and is replaced by CPT William N. Parish


BATTALION NEW AO  - TRANG BANG and new Battalion Commander
The battalion remains in Hoc Mon area until September 22nd when it is moved up to Trang Bang by chopper.  
Co's A,B and D establish a NL at XT508258 while Co C is located at FSB Stuart and is assigned bridge security. The
battalion will stay here until October 3rd when it moves to the east about 500 meters where it will set up FSB
Pershing and remain there until February 1970. At this time the Battalion also became a unit of the 2nd Brigade
(25th Division) along with the 2/27, 2/14, 3/187, and TF 2-34. Several weeks later  B Battery 1/8th Artillery shows
up. They consist of a battery of 105MM's and will remain at FSB Pershing until the Battalion moves to FSB Kein.

In October, the 2/12th, according to Bravo's Larry Fontana, "found ourselves in a broken down muddy perimeter
in the Second Brigade - Fire Base Stuart - at Trang Bang - was another mud hole that needed work."

1 SEP 68
1LT Richard Wiggins leaves C Co, 2nd plt and takes over as Alpha Co's C.O. He will remain in this roll until Jan 69.

7 SEP 68
1LT RW McDaniel leaves 3rd plt and takes over as C.O. From CPT William Parish who returns to BN. 1LT David Riggs
takes over 3rd plt.

13 SEP 68
Bn. conducts sweeps in AO based on intelligence reports.
Co. A is airlifted at 1024 from PZ XS740998 to LZ#1 XS678983
Co. B is airlifted at 0933 from PZ XT772048 to LZ#2 XT849057
Co. C is airlifted at 0900 from PZ at XT756999 to CA at LZ XT798100 and conducts RIF.
Co. D is at Hoc Mon Bridge
At 1137 Co. C is off PZ#3 at XT808094 and lands at LZ#5 at XT808094 and conducts RIF.
At 1210 Co. A is off PZ#1 at XT679995 and lands at LZ#4 at XT681006, conducts RIF.
At 1327 Co. C is off PZ#5 at XT805079 and lands at LZ XT789078, conducts RIF.
At 1400 Co. A is off PZ#4 at XT685017 and lands at LZ#6 at XS710975.
At 1440 Co. C is off PZ#7 at XT775076 and returns to NL at XT756999.

14 SEP 68
LTC Donald J Green leaves as Battalion Commander and heads to I Field Force in Nha Trang and is replaced by LTC
Thomas Dreisonstok, West Point graduate class of 1950.

Co. A at 0644 is airlifted from PZ XS740998 to XT819064 and conducts RIF.
Co. C at 0655 is airlifted from XT756999 to XT689027; at 0800 at XT688030 destroys 3 sanpans while conducting RIF.
Co. B is at NL XT772048
Co. D is at Hoc Mon Bridge XT713072
At 1307 Co. A is picked up at PZ XT847065 and lands at NL XT740998.
At 1321 Co. C is off PZ at XT710024 and lands at NL XT756999.

15 SEP 68
Co.'s A & C conduct air assault from XT756999 to XT782065 and sweep area. Both companies locate large ammo
caches of RPG-2's and 60 and 82MM mortar rounds, 6000 rnds of AK-47. 122mm warheads and cases of TNT buried
along the Saigon River.

17 SEP 68
Co. C conducts air assault from XT756999 to XT778074 and begins sweep of area. Discovers another ammo cache -
13,500 AK-47 rnds, 99 RPG-2's and 54 RPG-7 rnds, 39 82MM rnds and numerous RPG boosters.
Co. A & D elements are at the Hoc Mon Bridge.

18 SEP 68
Co. C conducts air assault back into the same area, XT771078 and conducts sweep. Finds small weapon cache at
XT776076 of RPG's and 4500 AK-47 rounds.
Co. A cordon's village at XS7797 and performs a search of the villagers.
Co. D sweeps canal near Hoc Mon bridge.
K & L Troops 3/11th is OPCON'd to 2/12th

19 SEP 68
Co. A is airlifted from XS740998 to LZ at XT780101 at 0800 and finds 2- 500 Lb. Bomb. Waits for instructions from
3rd Bde. Bombs are denoted by EOD at 1227.
Co. C is airlifted from PZ at 0745 XT756999 to XT802102
Co. D 16 is airlifted from AP at XT775070 where they spent the night at return to XT772048

22 SEP 68
2/12th is pulled out of Hoc Mon along with 1/5th, 2/22, 4/9th, 1/27 and spends the night in Cu Chi. They arrive by
truck convoy. The unit is replaced by the 1/505th and 3/11th which moves into their old laager sites. The next day
they will arrive in Trang Bang at FSB Stuart. Effective this date, the 2/12th is OPCON'd to the 2nd BDE for
remainder of their tour in Vietnam.

2nd BDE:
3/187th Air Cav
2/34th Armor
F Co 50th Inf (LRRPS)

23 SEP 68
Co's A, B and D at NL XT508258 off of TL 6 Alpha. Co C at Trang Bang Bridge vic XT501195.  Co A: Co A cdt RIF vic
XT518253.  Co B: Co. B cdt RIF vic XT609250.  Co D: Co D cdt RIF vic XT514250, XT516240, and XT517233.   Neg contact
during reported period.  [SOURCE: Headquarters, 2d Brigade, 25th Division, OR-LL Toan-Thang II (1 Jun to 30 Sep
68), 10 March 69.

24 SEP 68
Bn (-) NL loc vic XT508258. Co  C NL loc Trang Bang  Co A provided NL security and acted as the RRF. At 1215H Co A,
vic XT517255, apprehended 1 detainee, who was later released as an innocent civilian.   Co.B cdt RIF fm their NL
to vic XT510248, XT507238, XT508233, XT513233, and XT497240.  Co. C cdt RIF fm their NL to vic XT506203, XT508199,
an 505207.  Co. D cdt RIF fm their NL to vic XT515255, XT5521253, XT524240, XT522235, and XT538240

25 SEP 68
Bn (-) NL XT508258. Co. C Stuart/Trang Bang Bridge.  Co A provided NL security.  Co B cdt RIF vic XT532257,
XT536256, XT537268, and XT536272. At 1430H Co B, vic XT532272, captured 11 VC suspects who were hiding in a
tunnel complex, evac to IPW.  Co C cdt RIF vic XT505194, XT515193, and XT514199. At 2036H Co C, vic XT501194,
received 1 rd of mortar or RPG fire, neg casualties or rtn of fire.   Co D cdt RIF vic XT523261, XT527264, XT532278,
XT539276, and XT 527264. [SOURCE: HQ 2nd Bdee, OR-LL Toan-Thang II 10 March 1968] 

26 SEP 68
Bn (-) NL loc vic XT508258. Co C NL loc vic XT501194 (FSB Stuart/Trang Bang Bridge).  Co A at 0930H cdt airmobile
combat assaults fm their NL to vic XT542305. Cdt RIF fm their LZ to vic XT539298, XT537294, XT526280, XT529260
and XT537265. At 1515H Co A, vic XT529271, apprehended 7 detainees, will evac.  Co B at 1000H cdt airmobile
combat assaults fm their NL to LZ vic XT654281. Cdt RIF fm their LZ to vic XT50280, XT533275, XT526280, XT533280
and XT530260.  Co C cdt RIF vic XT497212, XT509210, XT507204, XT503211, and XT500203. At 0911H Co C, vic
XT497212, apprehended 3 detainees, will evac.  Co D eng 8 personnel with arty and illumination, with neg results.

27 SEP 68
Bn (-) at XT508258. Co C at Stuart/Trang Bang.  Co A cdt move to Cu Chi cdt stand down with the emphasis on care,
cleaning, inspection and inventory of equipment and personnal administrative matters will be accomplished.  Co
B cdt RIF vic XT511263, XT519991, XT500263, XT494277.  Co C cdt RIF vic XT497187, XT488185 and XT486188. At 2015H
Co C, vic XT501192, eng 2 VC with mortars, neg results. VC rtn fire with a dud RPG, neg casualties.  Co D cdt RIF vic
XT518266, XT521277, XT521984, XT515282. At 2000H Co D, vic XT531257, eng a column of lights with mortars, with
neg results. At 2150H Co D, vic XT534260, eng a column of lights, with neg results. At 0745H Co D, vic XT540260,
apprehended 1 detainee with shrapnel wounds, evac to IPW.  Recon plat provided NL security.

28 SEP 68
Bn (-) NL loc vic XT508258. Co A remains in Cu Chi Base Camp. Co C NL loc vic XT501195 (FSB Stuart/Trang Bang
Bridge).  Co A cdt stand down with the emphasis on care, cleaning, inspection and inventory of equipment and
personal administrative matters will be accomplished.  Co B cdt local security RIF vic XT524243. Effective 281132H
[28th at 11:32 a.m.. _bh] Co B 2-12 Inf OPCON 2-14 Inf for combined opns. Effective 281618H Co B2-12 Inf rtn to Bn
control. At 1435H Co B, vic XT508248, apprehended 3 detainees, who were evac to IPW.  Co C cdt RIF vic XT498193,
XT488175, XT488177, XT495183, XT498187, and back to their NL. At 1030H Co C, vic XT487180, received a short bust
of AW fire fm an unknown number of VC, neg casualties or rtn of fire. At 1100H Co C, vic XT496174, received SA
fire fm unknown number of VC, resulting in 2 US WIA's, EVAC. Rtn fire with Arty, VC losses unknown. Contact was
broken at 1330H.  Co D provided NL security and acted as the RRF. At 1345H Co D, vic XT508248, apprehended 3

29 SEP 68
B Co. KIA:
PFC Merlin E. Miller (18) of Guttenberg, IA perished in Tay Ninh Province.
  "2-12 Inf: Bn (-) NL loc vic XT508258. Co A remained In Cu Chi Base Camp. Co C NL loc vic XT501195. Co A cdt move
fm Cu Chi Base Camp to the Bn (-) NL, cdt local security RIF vic of their NL. Co B at 0845H cdt airmobile combat
assaults fm their NL to LZ vic XT603295. Co D at 0924H cdt airmobile combat assaults fm their NL to LZ vic XT603295.
Co C cdt RIF vic XT495196, XT493207, XT494209, XT500207, XT507207, XT508200. At 1010H supporting gunship, vic
XT619290, received SA fire fm an unknown number of VC, neg casualties. Rtn fire with AW and CS, VC losses
unknown. At 1245H Co C, vic XT502208, apprehended detainee, who was turned over to ARVN control. At 1742H
Co B vic XT579301, sustained 1 US (NDB), fm an unidentified flying objective that struck him."  [SOURCE: HQ 2nd
Bde, 25th Div, OR-LL (AAR) Toan-Thang II 10 March 1969]  

30 SEP 68
Bn (-)  XT508258. Co C FSB Stuart/Trang Bang Bridge XT501196.  Co B cdt RIF vic XT523272, XT522272, XT529272, and
XT525274.  Co C cdt RIF vic XT520192, XT527195, XT526198, XT520197 and XT513190. At 0003H radar at the Trang
Bang Bridge picked up 5 individuals moving North, eng with arty, results unknown. At 0915H Co C, vic XT500184,
received sniper fire, neg casualties. Rtn with arty, VC losses unknown. At 1330H Co C, vic XT586025, apprehended
6 detainees, evac to IPW.  Co D cdt RIF vic XT526243, XT537268, XT546253, XT534255, XT540256. At 1200H Co D, vic
XT542254, apprehended detainee, who was evac to their NL for further interrogation.

"I was in charge of a squad at the bridge and we were running this new radar device we had located there. We
picked up movement on the radar around midnight and called in a fire mission. After that, the radar showed
nothing. The next morning I was ordered to take my squad out to the southeast and investigate the results of our
fire mission. The rice paddies were flooded and in places we were up to our chests in water. As we approached
dry land near some hooches, we started taking sniper fire. We had no tactical advantage from where we were. I
radioed in our sitrep and was ordered to withdraw and that we would sweep the area with a larger force later
that day. - Arnold Krause"
1968 - June to September
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