Brigade Qtrly Reports and LL's
LL / AAR Reports
Brigade Qtrly Reports
The 25th Division had three brigades that made up the majority of it's field combat maneuvering battalions. Each brigade had an officer assigned to write up a quarterly summary report that was passed on up the chain of command.
Each report generally outlined the missions conducted, reporting command structure, unit makeup with assigned commanders, tactical information as well as logistical data.

In addition to the quarterly reports, at times other documents were produced with the expectation that these would be reviewed and covered with all organizations in which the information had a direct impact and bereft. Lessons Learned or Ll's were these type of documents and covered every subject matter that you could think of and the After Action Reports or AAR's covered the aftermath of large scale operations or conflicts and what happened.

Some of these documents are interesting reading because at times they give us the insight into the strategies and thinking used to conduct the war.
Background to Bde & LL Reports
Brigade Qtrly Reports and LL's
Brigade Hq's at Dau Tieng ( Camp Rainer )
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