Hoc Mon - 1968 Hoc Mon - 1968
March 4, 1968

After the fighting east and south of Cu Chi in
February, the battalion moved south to the
Hoc Mon village area four miles northwest of
the Tan Son Nhut airbase (Saigon) along
highway QL-1 the main supply route to Cu Chi.  
The beginning of March found Companies C &
D engaged in a fierce battle on the outskirts of
Hoc Mon. On March 13 the battalion moved
north of Hoc Mon and established a night
laager in a cemetery. For the next few days
the battalion worked the area west of the
Saigon River and north of Rach Tra (stream)
that was a tributary of the Saigon River that
fed the "Hoc Mon Canal."

Company D 2/12 Inf while working with C
Troop, 3/4 CAV dscover a large bunker
complex in the vicinity of XT760052. The area
was on the north-northeast side of Hoc Mon

3RD BDE - Sweeping through the village of Tan
Thoi Trang, elements of the 2nd Bn, 12th Inf
"White Warriors", aided by A Trp, 3rd Sqdn,
4th Cav, drove an estimated NVA Co. from the
village 12 kms northwest of Saigon.
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The 3rd Bde, 25th Div unit commanded by LTC Dean Tice, continued to maneuver toward the village
for two days while gunships and the big guns of the cavalry's tanks pounded away at suspected enemy
positions. During the two days of fighting 20 enemy were killed.

Contact was made shortly after Charlie and Alpha Co.ís were airlifted to a landing zone near the village.
The infantrymen joined up with A Trp and began to push into the enemy held village when they came
under heavy automatic weapons fire.For the next eight hours the White Warriors inched their way into
the village, knocking out the spider holes and bunkers as they advanced. At dusk, the battalion dug in
around the village and kept constant pressure on the enemy throughout the night.

The following morning the companies again began to push into the village under sporadic sniper fire.
As the units moved through, they found numerous bunkers and trench lines within the village.

In the sweep, the battalion uncovered one AK-50 machine gun, two AK-47 assault rifles, twelve 60mm
mortar rounds, six RPG-7 rounds, one anti-personnel mine, two complete radio telephone sets, three
miles of commo wire and numerous documents of the North Vietnamese Army.

From the communication equipment found, the battalion intelligence officer estimated that the once
held enemy village had been a battalion size communications center for the NVA forces operating  in
the Saigon area.

Charlie Co suffered two KIA's: PFC Edward August Schultz and SP4 Lorence M Lundby
Delta Co suffered three KIA's: SP4 Willie H Hunter, SP4 Darrel G Lewis, PFC Timothy R Schroeder