Echo Co. Echo Co.
ECHO COMPANY                                                        (updated 1/13/2016- Sarge)
2/12th Infantry Regiment, 4th & 25th Infantry Divisions VIET NAM


Fitzgerald, 1LT Jim - Oct69 to (medevac'd) 10May70. Co. E, 4.2" mortar platoon, platoon leader.

Graves, CPT - 1969-70. Co. E, Commanding Officer (in Feb70).

Jones, 1LT Gregg - 1971. 4.2" mortar platoon, platoon leader. West Point grad.. [Moved to Co. B as
platoon leader.]

Hendricks, 1LT John - Feb 71 Recon - from Richmond, VA

Miller, 1LT Melvin A- 1970. Co. E, RECON Platoon Leader from MAR70 to JUN70. Awarded Bronze Star for
valor. [Came from Co. C. Plt Ldr 1/70 to 3/70.]

Mull, 1LT Danny E. - CRIPS July 69 to Oct 69 - Awarded Silver Star for valor.

Rupp, 1LT Lawrence L. - 1969. Silver Star awarded.

Seehausen, 1LT Verne - 1970. Co. E, Executive Officer (XO) APR70 to MAY70. Co. E, Commanding Officer
(CO) MAY70 to SEP70. [Came to Echo from Charlie company.]

Simpson, 1LT Robert J. - 1969. Bronze Star awarded.

Winning, CPT Harry - 1971. Co. E, Commanding Officer. Echo's last CO in Viet Nam.


Hamel, SP4 Gordon "Doc" - AUG70-DEC 12, 1970. Medic, RECON platoon.

Lucier, SP4 Robert "Bob" - 1971 Recon platoon medic from Holyoak, Mass.

Lundy, SP4 James L. "Doc" - Oct69 to Oct70. Co. E CRIP medic.


Allison, SGT Paul - 1970. Bronze Star awarded.

Anderson, SGT Dale Arthur - 22Mar70 to 3Jun70. Co. E KIA 3Jun70 in Cambodia at the age of 25. Sergeant
Anderson was from Portland, Oregon and married.

Barnes, SP4 William - 1970. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Berrios, SP4 Francisco - 1970. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star.

Bouchard, SP4 Michael Phillip - 21Jul69 to 3Jun70. Co. E KIA 3Jun70 in Cambodia at the age of 19.
Awarded Bronze Star Medal for valor. Posthumous promotion to Sergeant. MOS 11B20. SGT Bouchard
was from Fairview, Massachusetts.

Bradley, SP4 Thomas James - 21Sep68 to 19Jun69. Co. E KIA 19Jun69 in Hua Nghia Province at the age of
21. Posthumous promotion to Sergeant. SGT Bradley was a Heavy Vehicle Driver (MOS 64B20). He was
from Minnesota, Minnesota.

Callahan, PFC Dennis D. - Oct68 to Oct69. CRIP.

Clark, PFC Dennis L. - 1969. Had a daughter born Oct. 11, 1969 while he was in Viet-Nam.

Clark, SGT Merrill - 7/70-4/71

Coale, PFC Michael - Jul67-Jan68. Recon plt

Cox, PFC Paul A. - 1969-70. Co. E, 4.2" mortars. Radioman and forward observer (FO).

Craker, PFC Ronald L. - Aug70-Mar71. Co. E. Recon plt

Deemer, PFC Ronald - Jun69-Aug69, from Wichita, KS

Dees, SFC Curtis Cleveland - 13Oct68 to 5May69. Co. E KIA in Hua Nghia Province at the age of 30. MOS
11C40. Bronze Star awarded. SFC Dees was from Kerrville, Texas and married.

Due, PFC Ron - 7/6-97/70

Fanguy, SGT William "Frenchy" - 1970, from Houma, LA - BS/V & PH

Farkas, SP4 Rod - 4.2" F.O. with RECON, 9/70-12/70; served with 2/60th 9th Div. before transfer to
2/12th when 9th Div was sent home.

Fitzgerald, PFC Jim - 10/69-5/70

Foss, SGT David H. "Dave" - RECON

Glading, SGT David - Aug69 to Aug70. Co. E 4.2" mortar platoon, fire direction center (FDC) mortarman
and FO for Delta. [See Co. D roster.]

Goss, SP4 Samuel J. - 1969. Co. E. Samuel had a son born on 5 MAR 69.

Harris, PFC Gene R. - 4Feb69-4Feb70. CRIP and 4.2 Mortar

Head, SP4 Glenn D. - 1969. Had a boy born 16MAY69 while "in country."

Heike, SP4 Donald - 1969. Bronze Star awarded.

Hodges, SP4 Robert W. - 1969. Bronze Star awarded.

Honn, Herman "Brent" - 28Dec68 to 21Mar70. Co. E. 4.2" FO attached to Co. C.

Jackson, SP4 Carl - 1970. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Johnson, Jack - late 1970-71. Co. E.

Johnson, PFC Robert T. "Lurch" - 1970. Co. E. Awarded SS,  from Austin TX.

Johnston, Sr., Robert W. - Feb to Aug 1969. CRIP and 4.2" mortar platoon. WIA and medevac'd.

Jones, SP4 Charles - 1969. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star for valor.

Jordon, Jr., SP4 Ruben - 1969. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Kaman, SP4 Joseph - 1970. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Keen, Charles - Feb69 to Jul69. Co. E CRIP. Awarded Army Commendation Medal for Valor, and three
Purple Hearts.

Kennedy, Jr., PFC (promoted to SP4) Roy - 1968. Co. E. MOS: 76Y20 (Unit Supply Specialist).

Knighten, PFC Jackey Van - 26Sep69 to 27Jan70. Co. E KIA 27Jan70 in Binh Duong Province at the age of
20. MOS 11B10. Private First Class Knighten was from Somerville, Alabama and married.

Klopp, Michael - late 1970 to 1971. Co. E.

Korpal, SGT David P. - 1969 Co. E.

Leinhauser, Lou - Nov70 to Apr71. Co. E, Recon. [Sent to 3/22 Inf in Apr71.]

Leland, PSG Danny - 1970. CRIP.

Lowery, SGT "Skip" - 5Oct69-5Oct70. CRIP & HHC

Mabalot, SGT 1st Class Avilino - 1971. Co. E, First Sergeant. Echo's last First Sergeant ("Top") in Viet

Martinelli, PFC Joseph H. - May69 to May70. Co. E.

Mascarenas, SP4 Joe Leo - 15Nov67 to 3Nov68. Co. E KIA 3Nov68 in Binh Duong Province at the age of
21. Posthumous promotion to Sergeant. SGT Mascarenas was from Pueblo, Colorado and married.

McCuster, SP4 Robert - 1970

Medina, SP5 Theodore - 1969. Co. E RECON. Bronze Star awarded.

Middleton, PFC Ron - Jan70-Dec70. Co. E 4.2" Mortars.

Miller, SGT Ernest "Ernie" - Co. E RECON - 8/70-3/71, carried M-60, then moved to squad leader, from
Freeland, MI

Mingin, Paul - 1970. Co. E Recon.

Moore, PFC Gary - 1971 Co. E Recon RTO from Hickory, NC.

Nate, Sr., SP4 Dan "Ranger" - Jun69-Oct69. Co. E CRIP Plt., worked out of Trang Bang, from New Jersey

Oliver, SP4 Edward - 1970

Perry, SP4 Donald Lee - 12Jun67 to 26Oct68. Co. E KIA 26Oct68 in Binh Duong Province at the age of 20.
Awarded Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart. Posthumous promotion to Sergeant. MOS 11B20.
Sergeant Perry was from Taft, California.

Pierce, SP4 Augustus C. - 1969. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Poston, SP4 Ronald B. - 1969. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star for valor.

Quick, SP4 Ernest C. - 1970. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Sawicki, SGT Frank - OCT69-OCT70. Frank was in CRIP for about 90 days. Stayed at Old French Fort at
Trang Bang. Then replaced Co. E sergeant who was wounded by mortar fire while playing basketball at
Pershing. Bronze Star awarded.

Setters, SP4 Wendell G. - Mar70 to Dec70. Co. E RECON

Smallwood, SGT Steven - 9/68-9/69. F.O. - Co. E. RECON

Snyder, SGT Pete - 1971. Co. E Recon from Staten Island, NY.

Stidham, SGT Thomas G. - 1969. Bronze Star(V) awarded.

Stinchcomb [or Stitchcomb], SFC W. L. - Co. E, First Sergeant. Awarded Bronze Star for valor.

Sturgill, SSG Bobby L - 1968-69 - BS/V and BSM (merit) from Washington

Sullivan, SP4 John - 4.2 Mortar; served 1/71 then xfer'd to 23rd ID

Taylor, SGT Richard - 1970. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star (Valor).

Trembley, PFC (promoted to SP4) Timothy - 1968. Co. E mortarman.

Toohey, PFC Donald "Don" - May-Dec70 RECON. Jan-Mar71 Mortars. Awarded Bronze Star for valor.

Tucker, SGT Dan - 1971 Co. E RECON from St. Marys, GA.

Veitch, SP4 George H. - Apr69 to May70 -  4.2" mortar Forward Observer for Co. B.

Wilken, PFC Terry - Aug69 to Aug70. Co. E. - 4.2 mortar

Winning, PFC Harry - 11/70-4/71

Wood, SSG Dennis Melvin - 17Jun68 to 11Dec68. Co. E KIA 11Dec68 in Hua Nghia Province at 26. Staff
Sergeant Wood was from Beloit, Wisconsin.

Wright, SSG Donald R. - 1969. Co. E. Awarded Bronze Star(Valor).
NOTE: Echo Company was formed around September or October 1968. Prior to then,  the 4.2" mortar platoon and C.R.I.P. (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) or reconnaissance platoon (RECON) were in HHC. I am not sure but somewhere along the line, the CRIP (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) morphed into the RECON platoon. By this I mean I think they just started to call themselves RECON. I would hazard a guess that RECON sounded more sexy than to be called a CRIP. I doubt this had anything to do with the CRIP gang from L.A. which happened to be started in 1969 as well by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams. If you were in HHC prior to this time period (10/66-9/68), you are likely listed under ROSTERS > HHC - Sarge (7/5/13)