All officers and medics in Vietnam were officially on the HHC Roster. They were then assigned to the various companies in
the 2/12th. All Medics who perished are listed here and, if known, with the company they were assigned to. Officers
(company commanders and platoon leaders) are listed with the company they served with. Any officer assigned to HHC and
not a field command are listed here along wtih any other member of HHC not assigned to a line company.  When
researching 2/12th Infantry officer and medic KIAs from the government request the 2/12th INF HHC Roster. Officers
attached to HHC, such as artillery forward observers will be listed with their unit, not with the 2/12th.

When the Battalion first arrived in Vietnam, the heavy weapons platoon, 4.2" Mortar was attached to HHC. Later in 1968, it
became part of Echo Company. So, from 1966 to 1968, you will find members of the 4 deuce listed here and after 1968 under
Echo Co. - (updated 10/18/2015 Sarge)
Killed In Action

27 Jan 1967
Medic SP4 Donald W Evans (23) (A Co.) from Covina, CA; Medal of Honor

25 Feb 1967
Medic SP4 William Coggeshall (20) (B Co.) from Marshfield, MA
26 FEB 1967
SP4 Robert Gold [HHC, 4.2 Mortar FO with Co.B - formerly with Co. A.]

7 MAY 1967
SP4 John J. Hermanowicz
SP4 John William Mc Coy

19 MAY 1967
SSG James M. Mosgrove, Jr. [HHC. Formerly with Co. A.]
PFC Ronald T. Waldrop - 4.2 Mortars

17 OCT 1967
Medic PFC Raymond Benjamin Minus (23) (B Co)  from Detroit, MI

3 NOV 1967
Medic PFC James T. Morris, Jr. (19) (D Co) from Wilmington, DE

4 NOV 1967
PFC Louis J. Sebastian

6 NOV 1967
Medic SP4 Thomas G. Hawkins (19) (Co unknwn) from Phoenix, AZ

16 NOV 1967
Medic SP4 John S McConnell (20) (A Co) from Orrville, OH

23 DEC 1967
PFC John R. Phillips

11 Feb 1968
Medic PFC Frank L Stec (21) (A Co) from Chicago, IL

21 AUG 1968
Medic SP4 Alfred L. Bailey, Jr. (21) (Co unkwn) from Los Angeles, CA

7 OCT 1968
Medic PFC Ramon A Flores (18) (B Co) from San Antonio, TX; Silver Star

16 OCT 1968
Medic PFC Richard Nichol De Angelis (32) (A Co) from Wallingford, CT

8 JAN 1969
Medic SP4 Larry E. Stephens (21) (C Co) from Walker, AL; Bronze Star

10 JAN 1969
SP4 Douglas L. Ranshaw

11 JAN 1969
Medic SP4 Leavy C Solomon (22) (C Co) from Palmetto, GA

9 FEB 1969
Medic SP4 Thomas M Neal (20) (D Co) from Hartford, CT

18 MAR 1969
Medic SP4 John R. Thielen (21) (Co unknwn) DOW from MAR 9 , from El Monte, CA
Medic SP5 Leonard Dodson (20) (C Co) from New York, NY

27 APR 1969
Medic SP4 William H Kindle (21) (B Co) from St Paul, MN

28 JUL 1969
Medic SP4 Peter J Gerry (18) (B Co) from Quincy, MA

24 AUG 1969
Medic PFC Daniel E Faran (19) (B Co) from Hawthorne, CA

24 OCT 1969
Medic SP4 Ronald Sowell (20) (A Co) from Phaladelphia, PA;
Distinguished Service Cross

22 FEB 1970
Major Wiliam C. McConnell IV (29) from Denver,CO., a unit commander.

26 MAY 1970
Medic PFC John A. Wheatley (20) (Co unknwn) from St. Thomas,
Virgin Islands
26 JUL 1970
SP4 Roy E. Harris (21) of Bridgeport, CN, a food service specialist.
Ronald T. Waldrop
Jim Mosgrove
John Mc Coy
John J. Hermanowicz