Cu Chi - 1966-70
Built in 1966 by the 1st Division for the arrival of the 25th Division. Today, it is a military base for the Vietnamese government, although many of the buildings are gone along with the airfield that was there.

The 1/5th Bobcats suffered heavy losses operating around this area rustling control from the local VC forces during the initial phase of setting up the base camp.

Most of the Divison's troops had a chance to visit here either because of travel orders, or maybe during a stand-down.

Home to the 25th Division for the duration of the war.
Home to all the "in-house" grown sergeants to be. I graduated here in August of 1968, along with scores of others who were promoted up through the ranks and showed leadership ability to command soldiers in combat.
Cu Chi Base camp - 2010
Cu Chi - 1966-70
Cu Chi Steam Baths                                           Sanitation Detail                                    NCO Leadership School
Chapel - Attending church or attending a memorial service?
12th Evacuation Hospital - How many of us arrived here at some point in our tour?
Guest quarters in Cu Chi for transient soldiers (photo courtesy of Danny Breeding)
Not exactly a 5 star hotel,but a step up from a bunker or foxhole (photo courtesy of Danny Breeding)
Letting off steam in the Cu Chi NCO Club. Having a few Pabst Blue Ribbon beers.