Hoc Mon - 1968
Hoc Mon

A place that the 2/12th first visited in
February of '68 for the Tet Offensive,
then was sent there by 3rd Brigade the
first part of July '68 to protect Saigon
from another mini-Tet. The brigade
operated under the control of CMAC,
Capital Military Assistance Command,
and remained OPCON'd to them until
the 3rd week of September when the
unit moved to FSB Stuart outside of
Trang Bang.

While here, the 2/12th operated out of
two laager sites. Site one contained B
and C Co's and the second site
contained A and D Co's. As part of this
joint task force, we had the 4/9th and
1/5th deployed to our east. We
anchored the west line. We created a
shield between the VC supply route
coming down thru the Hobo Woods,
Cu Chi area and the outskirts of

Not much happened as was expected
by our intelligence. We ran MEDCAP's,
traffic control, cordon and searches of
local villages, and night ambush
patrols. It rained a lot during this time,
and our laager sites were more like
swimming pools.
Burm line at the laager site
Getting some rain now
"What can happen in one hour "Steve Ward
Dozer used to create burm around the NL
Top Left: George Toto, Barry Price, middle back, Robert Beltran on right, "killer"
Walton, center eating, Serrano is squatting; guy in front left, not sure.
Hoc Mon - 1968
LT Wiggins - 2nd Plt
Chow time for 2nd Plt
Village kids near Hoc Mon
Local Policeman on Traffic Control