Search Engine Help
We have a new search engine called "Zoom Search". The search engine can be accessed here and in the YELLOW banner at the top of the MAIN MENU page. It expands the search capabilities to the website. But, there are still a few things it cannot do. For example, most of the PDF files created on the site are really a image, and not typed text. This means that the search engine cannot SEE text in a image so it does not know what is contained within that PDF file. You will have to read it if you view it. I have modified some files so they include text boxes within a page if the page has names on it, i.e. Award and Decorations page. Hopefully the program will do a more thorough search for what you are looking for, but may still need some help, so read through the instructions on this page. Then, there is a chance that it just might not exist or there might be a chance you can try plan B, but no guarantees.

The new program also has a feature which "highlights" the search word, and will take you to that exact spot on any page you select that is listed in the search results section. If you enter more than one word, then both words will be highlighted and as many times as they appear on a page. You can now filter via categories, which works but does have some limitations. Photos, for example will be limited to viewing in an album, so you will have to page through the album to find what you are looking for. It's just how the program works.

Search examples to try in search box, then pick your category:

Entering "Krause", will search ONLY for Krause (do not use quotes around name)
Entering "Krause and Wales" WITH quotes becomes a PHRASE and will only search for those EXACT words

You can use * and ? As wildcards:
Entering * Krause will search for anyone with a last name of Krause while
Entering Trang ? Will search for anything named Trang something
Entering car?  Or car* Will search for cars, carrying, carried, cart, etc.; anything that can make up a word after the "?". You would get the same thing using the asterisk. The same holds true for *car*. Now the search engine will search for anything before or after car to make up a word, i.e. vicar and cart. etc.

Just entering a name may not find you anything, but you may try "krause charlie" (no quotes) and it may find those words in combination. Because HIGHLIGHTING is turned on, it will do it for Krause and Charlie. I wouldn't advise using "co" or "co." when searching through rosters because every line has those abbreviations and all of them will be highlighted. So use the company name, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc and the name and see what happens. Just how it is.

You can set your search to match "any search words" or "all search words". So, the first one will find any word if you entered "Krause wounded pershing" (without quotes) and the second search must match all words to return any results. Note that searches are NOT case sensitive.

ON some pages the search engine has difficulty in picking out NAMES if that is the only readable information on the page. Awards and Decorations is an example. Just searching for your name might not get you to that page, but searching for "Your Name awards " will. Awards in this case, is the part of the page name.

Plan B,is to use the "FIND" feature used by every browser ( Firefox or Mozilla, I.E.9, Chrome and others). It can be found under the EDIT tab. It may also be listed as "find on this page" or in the main menu listing. You just have to go through your menu selections to find the tool.

Once you click on "FIND" you can put whatever text you are seeking in the SEARCH box and then hit the up or down arrow, and it will search the page you are on for that information, but only that page. You can search again on a different page just by keeping the "FIND" tool open. It should remain at the bottom of your browser page until you close the tool. Chrome has theirs at the top of the page. Whatever the case, it's a handy SEARCH tool use on any text page. The FIND feature will locate every occurrence of the word you have typed into the box on that page.

I will continue to seek ways to improve the search tool, but for now, it is what it is. - Sarge 5/29/2014