25th Div. Units in Vietnam 25th Div. Units in Vietnam
A number of 25th Infantry Division veterans have put up their own accounts of their time with the Division. For further information about their units, take a look at our Units page. (courtesy of the www.25thida.org website)

3rd/4th Cavalry (Three Quarter Cav):

Charlie Troop, 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry, Republic of South Vietnam This is a new website dedicated to the members of this unit who served in the Republic of Vietnam. You'll find troop strength for the Squadron and for C Troop, photos, list of all known C Troop members, and awards.

A Troop 3/4 Cav Vietnam This site, dedicated to the members of Alpha Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 25th Infantry Division who served in the Republic of Vietnam, contains rosters, photos, a timeline and more.

Centaurs (D Troop, 3/4 Cav and F Troop, 4th Cav The Centaurs site has unit history, photos and personal accounts.

1/5th (Mechanized) Infantry:

A Year On The Jumpin' Jack Randy Kethcart's year with 2nd Platoon, Co. B. 1/5th (Mech.) "Bobcats", told in photographs.

1st Bn 5th Inf Reg 25th Inf Div "Class of 1966" Butch Petit has put together a site with a great many photos of Cu Chi district in 1966-67 and many photos of "Bobcats" of that period.

A 1st/5th Mech "Bobcat's" page Bobcat - 1969 Prologue to MECH, By: Theodore T. Jagosz, Cpt Inf (USA).

4/9th Infantry:

Willy's Page A very nice website put together by a 4th/9th "Manchu" vet. If you want to see a graphically elegant site, check this out. He also recently moved his Manchu material to its own domain. Willy recently added "Sounds of Vietnam", a set of audio files, to the Manchu site. The Manchus ought to be proud of what Willy has put together for them.

A 2/12th Infantry:

Dau Tieng Basecamp Bill Comeau, RTO, A/2/12, 66-67 has created a website for the men of Alpha Co., 2/12th, particularly those that went to Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division and later served with the 25th Infantry Division. You will find photos, brigade history, a chat room, and more.

14th Infantry:

1st/14th Infantry "Golden Dragons" - Vietnam Terry Bender has added a wealth of information to this site, including photos, maps, a Golden Dragon Alumni newsletter, articles about specific operations from Stars and Stripes, and much more. Very nice animated graphics, too.

2/14th Golden Dragons - Vietnam Kirk Ramsey's site now has expanded to include a Golden Dragons Vet Finder, Battalion Annual Reports, After Action Reports, Quarterly Evaluation Reports and a "Lessons Learned" account of the price a platoon paid for establishing a predictable pattern when exiting the wire. Tales of a War Far Away, Kirk's chronicle of his year with the "Golden Dragons", is now incorporated into this site.

In Hell With Dragons Richard Shaffer's account of his tour in 1967 with the weapons platoon of Charlie Company, 2/14th Infantry "Golden Dragons".

21st Infantry:

Sherpas In Iraq Charlie Co., 1-21st Infantry "Gimlet", has a site consisting of photos, guestbook, and a memorium to PFC John Amos, the division's first KIA in Iraq.

22nd Infantry:

Vietnam Triple Deuce Mario Salazar has created a new site for the 2/22nd (Mechanized) Infantry in Vietnam which currently includes personal accounts, a newsletter, and a guestbook, but will grow.

Charlie Company 2/22 66'-67' Photos & Stories of the Men of Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 4th and 25th Infantry Divisions in the years 1965 to the end of 1967.

Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Association This site is for those who served with the 3/22nd in Vietnam, either with the 25th or 4th Infantry Divisions.

4/23rd (Mechanized) Infantry:

23rd Infantry Regiment Association This site contains some company rosters, photos, maps, and more.

27th Infantry:

Wolfhound Alumni (Vietnam) Gary L. Huber, Co. A, 1st Bn., 27th Infantry and life member of our Association, has put a website together with the aim of collecting the names of anyone who served with the 1st or 2nd Battalion Wolfhounds in Vietnam. He has listed the names gathered thus far by Company and Battalion. Gary recently updated the graphics on his site, and it looks great. All you Wolfhounds stop on by, especially if you can add to the list of names.

Images of the 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam, 1966 This page features numerous photographs of the 25th Infantry Division, taken in Cu Chi, Vietnam, during 1966. When the 25th went to Vietnam, Major Frank S. Farmer, the webmaster's father, was the Executive Officer of the 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment. Halfway through his tour of duty, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and assigned as Headquarters Commandant, 25th Infantry Division.

Operation Attleboro Over a year before the Tet Offensive of 1968 a major battle took place in War Zone C near Dau Tieng. At the height of this operation upwards of 50,000 U.S. troops were engaged. The 25th Infantry Division commited the 1st and 2nd Battalions, 27th Infantry "Wolfhounds", 2/14th Infantry "Golden Dragons", 1/5th (Mech.) Infantry "Bobcats", and 2/22nd (Mech.) Infantry "Regulars" to the fight. The story is told in words, pictures and maps from the perspective of Co. B, 1/27th Infantry by one of its members, Marion Ellard. This is the electronic version of Mr. Ellard's self-published book, copies of which may be obtained directly from the author.

35th Infantry:

The 35th Infantry Regiment Association Among the features of these pages, you will find a "KIA" listing to company level for all wars since WWI, a Time Line for Vietnam, Photographs, and a Roster by company. Included within the Roster are those who served in the field with these troops: medics, artillery forward observers, their RTOs, Clergy, etc. Stop over if you have a little time, help out with the "KIA" or "Time Line" if you can, and add your name to the Roster.

A Walk With the 35th Infantry Jim Anderson, B 2/35 67-68, has put together a site that contain Daily Journals, After Action Reports, Operational Reports and Lessons Learned, Series L-7104 Combat Maps and Series 1501 Area Maps, and more. Check back regularly to see what he's added. Note: this is now part of the 35th Infantry Regiment site above.

75th Infantry Rangers:

LRRP To LRRP Sitrep Robert Lawrence has created this site about his year as a LRRP team leader with Co. F., 75th Rangers. Lots of pics from around Tay Ninh and Cu Chi.

Combat Tracker Teams:

Combat Tracker Teams This site is dedicated to Combat Tracker Teams, a number of whom served with the 25th Infantry Division. Three such teams, Teams 1, 2 and 12, have partial lists of team members on the site.

Scout Dogs:

Vietnam Dog Handler Association Has a complete list of dog handler units, including the 38th Infantry Platoon Scout Dogs (IPSD) that worked with our line companies.

25th Aviation Battalion:

25th Aviation Battalion - Vietnam The Little Bears and Diamond Heads have a new LZ. Check it out. Ron Leonard runs this website and was a door gunner with the Diamond Heads in 1968. The 25th Aviation was our organic aerial support unit.

159th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance):

159th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) The 159th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) was stationed at Cu Chi beginning in October 67. Its mission was to furnish Dustoff support to the 25th Infantry Division as well as other units in III Corps.

2/9th Artillery:

"The Mighty Ninth" Vietnam Dennis Dauphin has constructed a site dedicated to the veterans who served in the 2nd Battalion, 9th Artillery "The Mighty Ninth" during the Vietnam War. It contains personnel rosters, to include Forward Observers (one of whom was Lt Shinseki, a future Chief of Staff of the Army), battery organizational charts, photos and more.

'A' Battery, 7/11th Artillery:

A Btry 7/11, 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam 1968-69 Personal page of John Clark, who served with this artillery unit in '68-'69. Includes photos, guestbook, message board and reunion dates.

Vietnamsoldier.com: A look at life with A Battery, 7/11 Artillery Records the tour of Chris Woelk through extensive photos with background commentary. He also has added photos, letters and audio tapes of other artillery men who served with the 25th Infantry Division.

'C' Battery, 7/11th Artillery:

C Btry 7/11, 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam Bill Wood, who served with this artillery unit in '67-'68, created this site to connect with others who served with the battery in Vietnam. Includes photos, guestbook, after action reports and reunion information.

'B' Battery, 3/13th Artillery:

Bravo 3rd of the 13th Field Artillery, 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam 1969-70 Personal page of Bob Offerdahl, who served with this artillery unit in '69-'70. Includes photos, personal journal, after-action reports, and more.

2/77th Artillery:

2/77 Army Artillery Page Photos..History..e-unions Mikie Pectol's site has photos maps, rosters and more.

1/8th Field Artillery:

There is no website for this unit.

Ground Surveillance Radar:

A radarman's home page Personal page of a ground surveillance radar operator for the 25th Infantry Division artillery.

187th Assault Helicopter Co.:

Trial by Fire Oral history from Captain Thomas A. Pienta, a pilot of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company.

25th Infantry Division Shotgun Program:

"Shotgun" Platoons were organized from elements of the 25th Infantry Division for the purpose of supplying door gunners to aviation companies operating in Vietnam prior to the Division's arrival in Vietnam.

65th Engineer Bn.:

65th Engineer Bn., Company E Bob Guersch served with the 65th Engineer Bn, Co. E (Bridge) from April '65 thru October '66. He has created a gallery of his photos covering Schofield Barracks, USNS Nelson M. Walker, and the beginnings of Cu Chi base camp.
12th Evacuation Hospital

Medical Units During Vietnam This website has information about all the medical units that served in Vietnam

7th Surgical Hospital (Mobile)

Medical Units During Vietnam This website has information about all the medical units that served in Vietnam

242nd Aviation Company (ASH - Muleskinners)

242nd Assault Support Helicopter Co. The muletrain and muleskinners of old were noted for their ability to move heavy loads over rough and difficult terrain.  Today's Muleskiners are noted for the same ability, but the slow moving muletrain of the past has been replaced by the tandem rotor helicopter known as the CH-47 "Chinook".

3rd Squadron 17th Air Cav

3/17th Air Cav Site with information about the squadron and it's history

269th Aviation Battalion (Black Barons)

269th CAB The battalion was made up of the 116th "Hornets, Stingers, and Wasps", 187th "Crusaders and Rat Pack", 188th "Black Widows and Spiders", 21st Recon AC "Black Aces", 242nd ASH "Muleskinners" and the 269th Pathfinder Detachment, "Cavaliers".

196th Light Infantry Brigade

196th LIB Assoc Home page of the 196th association pack full of information

125th Signal Battalion

There is no website for this unit

2/34th Armor Regiment

Dreadnaughts 2/34th Home page for the Dreadnaughts with history, veterans lists, and membership