.45 Cal Pistol

Caliber .45 Disassembly/assembly instructions
Soldier's Manual for Skill Level 1, unknown date (probably post 1975)

Pistol Disassembly:

Pistol Assembly:

Care and Cleaning of the Caliber .45 Pistol.

Cleaning materials.

1.Cleaning compound, solvent (CR), is used to clean the bore and face of slide after firing. This cleanser has
preservative properties and provides temporary protection against rust.
CAUTION: CR solvent cleaning compound is.usable at temperatures of -20F and higher.

2.Hot soapy water may be used to clean the bore when CR is not available. After using the solution, dry barrel
thoroughly and apply a light coat of oil.

3.Volatile mineral spirits, paint thinner, and dry cleaning solvent are non corrosive solvents used for removing oil,
grease, or light rust-preventive compounds from weapons. Apply these cleaning agents with a rag to large parts and
use them as a bath for small parts.

4.Cotton wiping rags should be soft and absorbent and free of dust, alkali, or corrosive agents.


1.Lubricating oil, general purpose, PL Special, is a thin oil used for lubricating above 0F and for providing
temporary protection against rust.

2.Engine oil, SAE 10, may be used when lubricating and preservative oil cannot be obtained. When engine oil is
used, the weapon must be inspected, cleaned, and oiled frequently.

3.LAW weapons lubricating oil is to be used at temperatures below 0F.

Care and Cleaning of Caliber .45 Ammunition.

a.Protect ammunition from mud, sand, dirt, and water. If it appears wet or dirty, wipe clean with a dry cloth
immediately. Wipe off light corrosion as soon as it is discovered. Cartridges with heavy coat of corrosion must
be turned in to the ammunition supply point.

b.Do not oil or polish cartridges. Do not attempt to fire cartridges that have dents, scratches, loose bullets,
or corroded cases. If a cartridge is defective, turn it in to the ammunition supply point.

c.Ammunition should be stored in an airtight box away from all sources of extreme heat. Do not open ammunition
boxes until the ammunition is to be used.

Assembly. When testing the caliber .45 pistol for correct assembly depress the safety lock, pull the slide full
to the rear, and release it by pushing down on the slide stop. The hammer should remain cocked.
.45 Cal Pistol