2/12th Battalion Directory
This is the gateway to our Battalion Directory. This directory replaces the VET Email List. It contains names, addresses, phone numbers and email address links. If you DO NOT WANT TO BE LISTED in this directory, please contact me and I will remove your listing. The information contains both current and old listings from various sources with no guarantees that the information is accurate. I did my best to list everyone by company but there are many categories that you can choose to filter and view the directory by, i.e. Alpha Co, plt leader, CMD Officer etc. There are a few listings of which I did not know what company they served in, so they are listed as "Other unit". You can also choose to use the search feature and search for a name. You can EMAIL to anyone who has their address listed (hopefully the email link is good) just by clicking on the their EMAIL link. This should bring up your email program with their email link showing in the "TO:" box.There is a link called "Submit Listing" which you can use to add a name or use it to change information on a listing. All new submissions must be approved by me before the listing will show up. This should be less than 24 hours. New listings will show up with their names in red at the top of the directory for several months before being moved into the regular directory - Sarge (2/25/2014) - My email is webmaster@212warriors.com