Vietnam Veteran Polls
Agent Orange Poll

The issue of Agent Orange and it's impact to the Vietnam veteran has been widely discussed and contested. One glaring point that I have noticed since renewing my relationships with my veteran friends, is extent of the damage caused by AO.

I am curious how widespread it's effects have been "just to our small band of brothers". Please vote only once, but share what it has done to your body.

Combat Poll

Some of us have handled stress better than others for all kinds of reasons. Combat has certainly challenged our physical and mental strengths. However, no matter how macho we may believe ourselves to be, some visual images or experiences cannot be shut out. Please vote only once for each topic.

How has combat affected you?
Were you wounded?

Vietnam Veteran Polls
There are FOUR polls here related to your service in South Vietnam. Please take this poll only once to keep the data as accurate as possible. - Sarge (updated 11/27/13)

Disability Poll

Have you filed a claim with the VA, and if so, did they rate you for compensation?