8 APR 68
Operation TOAN THANG
PHASE I begins

9 APR 68
The battalion returns to D.T.  And is released from OPCON control by the 199th LIB and is returned to 3rd Bde

10 APR
3rd Bde makeup: 2/22, 3/22. 4/23, 2/34, 3/4, 2/12, F Co 50th. Co's ABD airlifted to XT526548 and relieve 3/4 Cav -
provide FSB security

12 APR
Co C provides security for Engrs on route 239 east of Dau Tieng. Co D combat assaults to XT567580 and XT570580
and engages 2 VC, killing both.

13 APR 68
D Co. KIA:
SP4 Patrick H. Cook (22) of Marietta, GA perished in Tay Ninh Province.
Co C remains on security task and is assigned RRF status (ready reactionary force). Remainder of Co's at XT536554

14 APR 68
Co C remains on security task while rest of battalion CA's to XT571568, 557573, 550570 and 545555 and conducts

15 APR 68
Co C remains on security task route 239 with Engrs while rest of battalion CA's to XT588526 and 547550. At 1420H in
the vic of XT575542, Co C engaged 3 VC with AW fire resulting in 1 VC KIA, 1 AK-47 captured.

16-17 APR 68
Co C remains on security task and is assigned RRF status (ready reactionary force). Co. ABD CA to XT576596 near

On the 17th Delta company fights a battle that will forever more be remembered as "the Horseshoe Ambush."
"Doc" Ken Blakely is awarded the Silver Star.

17 APR 68
D Co KIAs:
SP4 Larry L. Chapman (20) of Henryville, IN;
SGT William W. Mouton (20) of Groves, TX;
PFC Louis S. Mucha (25) of Stickney, IL;
PFC Michael L. Pheiffer (20) of Oneida, IL; and
SP4 Edward J. Vicks, Jr. (22) of Birnghamton,NY
PFC Carlos J Medina (21) of New York, NY  perished in Binh Duong Province.
D Co WIAs:
SGT. Bell
SGT Perry
James Hekker
8 others also wounded

Tony Furrh remembers that day: "I saved one GI and pulled another to safety, but sadly the 2nd did not
survive. I had just placed them on flank when we made a quick boony pit stop. I reacted to the sudden burst
of fire from that direction by throwing off my radio and bolting into the triple canopy where I had last seen
Lovick and Medina post out to flank. After an ensuing battle of sorts between us and snipers I was able to
save Lovick and at least bring Medina back for his family. we medevac'd them out, and marched out as
quickly as possible so that arty and tanks further cleared the area. We set up a few clicks away with a Mech
unit, probably the 2/22 and we were overrun that night. After events of the day all I remember of the larger
evening battle was that I was certain that we were not gonna make it out of this one. Guess the Man was
looking over us that night. I think this is where on the casualty report for that day it shows Medina and I think
4 other guys reported as KIA from the same area. I have discussed this with members of my Alpha Co but
most were pulled back to work on chopping out a medevac sight and were not exactly as involved as we
were. 2nd platoon was on point that day and we had our hands full for awhile and a man died and one was

18 APR 68
Co's ABD cdt RIF with Troop A 3/4 Cav while Co C provides Engr security on Route 239, then is airlifted to join BN at
XT535585 where a night laager is set up. Co D returns to D.T.

19 APR 68
Co B & C conduct RIF from XT527548 to XT5656 to XT550532, D at DT; Co A OPCON'D to 3/4 Cav

20 APR 68
Co's B & C cdt's daylight AP at XT's 606533,607529,603542,604538,596546,592543; D airlifted to XT527548 secures FSB

21 APR 68
Co C RIF to XT5589535 to XT592536; joins Co D on RIF to XT555545. At 0220H, a Co C AP engages 20-30
VC w/AW, SA; 6 VC KIA, 1 VC POW (WIA), 2 AK47's

22 APR 68
C Co. KIA:
SP4 Johnny S. Taitague (20) a Malayan from Talofofo, GU died of wounds (DOW) received in Tay Ninh Province.

C Co. is conducting a RIF in the Michelin Rubber plantation near AP 13 from XT592236 to new NL XT532509 and
encounters a platoon size VC force.Co A joins forces at NL. Co D escorts artillery back to D.T.

23 APR 68
ABC Co's cdt RIF from NL XT532509 to XT512487 conduct cordon search

24 APR 68
All Co's trucked back to DT, then Co C cdt RIF from north gate to XT513488 to XT514495 and back to DT

25 APR 68
Co D secures Engr at Route 239; Co C from DT to XT538472 east and establishes a blocking position south of Dinh
Phuoc for Co's A & B

26 APR 68
Co's ACD Cdt CA to vic XT575484 and RIF XT575474 with 3 Co's - NL at XT563467

27 APR 68
Cdt RIF with Co's ACD XT510473 est NL, B secures district HQ at DT

28 APR 68
D Co. KIA:
PFC. Richard S. Banks (20) of Galesburg, MI died of wounds (DOW) received on April 17th in Binh Duong Province.

Cdt Cordon and search with 3 Co's at AP6 Chanh vic XT520497 and rtn to NL XT509475; at 0420H, NL receives
25 83MM mortar rds. 5 US WIA's, 3 are EVAC.
1968 - March to May

After the fighting east and south of Cu Chi in February, the battalion moved south to the Hoc Mon village area four miles northwest of the Tan Son Nhut airbase (Saigon) along highway QL-1 the main supply route to Cu Chi.   The beginning of March found Companies C & D engaged in a fierce battle on the outskirts of Hoc Mon. On March 13 the battalion moved north of Hoc Mon and established a night laager in a cemetery. For the next few days the battalion worked the area west of the Saigon River and north of Rach Tra (stream) that was a tributary of the Saigon River that fed the "Hoc Mon Canal."

Hoc Mon AO (Tet 68)

Hoc Mon...... (vic XT 7403)
Tan Thoi Trang...... (vic XT 7204)
Tan Hiep...... (vic XT 7405)
Cemetary (poss. Co. A & B base)...... (vic XT7500)
4Mar68 Battle (Co. D).....(vic XT760052)
4 MAR 68

SGT. Isreal L. Ingram (26) of Columbus, Ohio died of wounds received in Gia Dinh Province.
C Co KIAs:
SP4 Lorence M. Lundby (26) of Waterloo, IA and
PFC Edward A. Schultz (21) of San Luis Obispo, CA perished in Gia Dinh Province.
D Co KIAs:
SP4 Willie H. Hunter (25) of Fort Lauderdale, FL,
SP4 Darrell G. Lewis (24) of Greenville, TX
PFC Timothy R. Schroeder (20) of Bethlehem, PA perished in Gai Dinh Province.
D Co WIA's:
1LT Michael Byrne
Monte Campbell
Eddie "Doc" Gray
Robin Hurt
Raymond Lucero
SGT David Peterson
Terry Wiegold
Dale Wrightson
Jimmy Yamashita
Medic PFC Ken" "Doc" Blakely

Company D 2/12 Inf while working with C Troop, 3/4 CAV discover a large bunker complex in the vicinity of
XT760052. The area was on the north-northeast side of Hoc Mon village.

LT Andy Farris,  3rd platoon, Delta company, said: "We had made a late night run with the 3/4 CAV....and
laagered well past mid-night...."
The morning of March 4th, Co. D approached Hoc Mon with column of twos, with the mechanized cavalry behind
Co. C..
Farris said; "As our reinforced platoon entered the village PFC Timothy R. Schroeder was on the right flank,
maybe in front of the point man, when a sudden burst of machine gun fire open-up from a concealed bunker.
Tim was the first man hit."
Company D assaulted the village six times, and lost almost half of the 28 men they had started in the morning.

3RD BDE - Sweeping through the village of Tan Thoi Trang, elements of the 2nd Bn, 12th Inf "White
Warriors", aided by A Trp, 3rd Sqdn, 4th Cav, drove an estimated NVA Co. from the village 12 kms northwest of

The 3rd Bde, 25th Div unit commanded by LTC Dean Tice, continued to maneuver toward the village
for two days while gunships and the big guns of the cavalry's tanks pounded away at suspected enemy
positions. During the two days of fighting 20 enemy were killed.

Contact was made shortly after Alpha and Charlie Co.s were air lifted to a landing zone near the village. The
infantrymen joined up with A Trp and began to push into the enemy held village when they came under heavy
automatic weapons fire.

For the next eight hours the White Warriors inched their way into the village, knocking out the spider holes and
bunkers as they advanced. At dusk, the battalion dug in around the village and kept constant pressure on the
enemy throughout the night.

The following morning the companies again began to push into the village under sporadic sniper fire. As the
units moved through, they found numerous bunkers and trench lines within the village.

In the sweep, the battalion uncovered one AK-50 machine gun, two AK-47 assault rifles, twelve 60mm mortar
rounds, six RPG-7 rounds, one anti-personnel mine, two complete rdio telephone sets, three miles of commo
wire and numerous documents of the North Vietnamese Army. From the communication equipment found, the
battalion intelligence officer estimated that the once held enemy village had been a battalion size
communications center for the NVA forces operating  in the Saigon area.
6 MAR 68
Co. D while working with the 3/4 CAV between Tan Thoi Nhut and Quan Tre - vic XT7500, an area south of Hoc
Mon and west of Highway 1 - discovered and destroyed a major bunker complex. [Source: 3/4 CAV website

8 MAR 68
Co. B while working with Troop B, 3/4 Cav discovered a bunker complex in Xuan Thoi Son village (vic XT7302).
[SOURCE: HQ 3/4 Cav Saratoga (ibid)] 

9 MAR 68
Co. D and Troop A, 3/4 Cav captured 1 AK-47, documents and a motor bike, and destroyed 12 rocket positions
west of Tan Thoi Nhut (on Hwy 1) in the vicinity of XS736989.  

10 MAR 68
CPL Robert William Eagleson (20) of Eddyville, oregon perished in Gia Dinh Province. 
SP4 Biondo was wounded at the same time and would die on the 19th. 

11 MAR 68
In two separe instances south-southwest of Hoc Mon - one at 2:10 pm and one at 3:15 - Company B detonated
boobytrapped grenades wounding one US soldier in the vicinity of Vinh Loc (WS7197). 

12 MAR 68
The 2/12th working in the plantation area between the [Hoc Mon] canal and Vinh Loc. The area was some 8 klicks
south-southwest of Hoc Mon village.

13 MAR 68
The battalion combat assaulted to an area north-northeast of Hoc Mon village and rif to a cemetery at XT773088 -
Go Chua (hill).
14 MAR 68
The battalion was operating two miles NNE of Hoc Mon city along the banks of the Kinh Rach Tra & Song Cau
Sang [rivers].

Southeast of (and near) Ap Chanh (6) Company A found a cache consisting of; 4,500 small arms rounds
(captured), and destroyed 528 82m mortar rounds, 20 122mm rockets, 7 122mm rocket warheads, 25
claymores, 700 lbs of demolitions, 277 grenades, 181 RPG-7 rounds, 12 bangalore torpedoes, 800 ft det-cord,
and 51 75mm recoiless rocket rounds.

15 MAR 68
Companies B, C and D. In the late morning Company B destroyed 2 60mm mortar rounds and 3 RPG-7 rounds.
Around the same time Company C destroyed 150 small arms rounds. In mid-afternoon Company D found and
destroyed one grenade and 50 small arms rounds.

16 MAR 68
The battalion continued their search and this time came under fire.
Early in the morning Company D found and destroyed 36 RPG-2 rounds, 5 RPG-7 rounds, one RPG-2 rocket
launcher, 63 grenades, 13 60mm mortar rounds and 572 small arms rounds. The company also captured five
poundsof documents.
Shortly after 10 am Companies A and D recieved small arms and automatic weapons fire just north of Ap
Dong (3) (vic XT796085). The area was about 2 1/2 miles NNE of Hoc Mon and about the same distance west
of the Saigon River Fire was returned with small arms, automaic weapons, artillery and a helicopter light fire
team resulting in 5 VC prisoners and four US wounded.

"Early in the morning of March 16, 1968, [helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson], door-gunner Lawrence Colburn
and crew chief Glenn Andreotta came upon US ground troops killing Vietnamese civilians in and around the
village of My Lai.
They landed the helicopter in the line of fire between troops and fleeing Vietnamese civilians and pointed
their own guns at the US soldiers to prevent more killings.
Colburn and Andreotta provided cover for Thompson as he went forward to confront the leader of the US
forces. Thompson later coaxed civilians out of a bunker so they could be evacuated, and then landed his
helicopter again to pick up a wounded child they transported to a hospital. Their effots led to the cease-fire
order at My Lai.
In 1998, the Army honoured the three men with the prestigious Soldier's Medal, the highest award
forbravery not involving conflict with a enemy. It was a posthumous award for Andreotta, who was killed in
battle three weeks after My Lai." [IOL News]
Thompson died in 2006 at the age of 62. R.I.P..
17 MAR 68
Company C combat assaulted into a landing zone just north of Ap Dong (3) and this would be the area of
search for the next few days.

At 11 am the 2/12th's Command and Control (C&C) ship spotted one VC body near a stream.

At noon Company C destroyed 3 bangalore torpedoes. One-half hour latter, at XT797088 just north of Ap
Dong (3), Charlie company found 2 VC bodies and destroyed 50 pounds of rice and 38 pounds of TNT. They
also captured one 122 mm rocket, seven rocket motors, and four fuses in the area.

Throughout the afternoon Charlie company moved south and after crossing a dirt road and some 800
meters south of the first cache found the bodies of 8 VC just north of the Rach Tra at 3:15 pm.

18 MAR 68
On this day the battalion searched slightly more to the east of the previous days area. After a morning
combat assault, Companies A & B landed in the vicinity of Ap Binh Hoa (2) at XT8008. After a day of
searching Company B had found 4 122mm rockets, 12 rocket motors, 2,700 lbs of rice and 3 60mm mortar
rounds. Scattered throughout the area they found the bodies of eight VC in various places.

19 MAR 68
D Co. KIA:
SP4 Martin Biondo (22) of Kirkwood, MO died of wounds (DOW) received in Gia Dinh Province.

Companies A & D returned to the previous days search area near Ap Binh Hoa (2) making a morning
helicopter assault into two different landing zones. Shortly before 11 am Company A discovered a dud 250
lb bomb near a dirt road and blew it in place (at XT803087). Nearby, Company D destroyed two grenades at
2:20 pm at XT804086.

20 MAR 68
The 2/12th combat assaulted to XT805075 near Ap Trung Nhi (2) and moved east towards the intersections
of the Rach Tra [stream] and Saigon River bare;y a klick away from the landing zone. Shortly before noon
Company C found one VC KIA and captured 1 .45 caliber pistol.

One platoon of Company D moved to and secured the Hoc Mon bridge.

21 MAR 68
On this date the 2/12th conducted a patrol and at 9:40 am (vic XT779082) Company A found 2 VC KIA near the
intersection of two small streams just north of Ap Chanh (6).

1 March to 7 April 1968

2/12th Inf participation; 22 March - 30 March [OPCON to 1st Brigade at Dau Tieng.
Wilderness mission was to conduct offensive operations in vicinity of Tay Ninh to Dau Tieng.

22 MAR 68
The 2/12th Infantry became OPCON to the 1st Brigade, 25th Division, and the battalion moved from the
vicinity of XT7704 to Dau Tieng via Chinook helicopters.

2-12 Inf: Closed DAU TIENG 1345, became OPCON 1st Bde, that time. Battalion stood down for

24 MAR 68
"2-12 Inf: Conducted refresher traing vic DAU TIENG Base Camp."
[SOURCE: HQ 25th Div, 1st Bde, WILDERNESS]

25 MAR 68
2-12 Inf: Conducted refresher training and local patrolling vic DAU TIENG Base Camp."

26 MAR 68
A Co. KIA:
PFC Larry E. Elmore (24) of Kansas City, MO perished in Binh Duong Province. [Dau Tieng area]

"2-12 Inf: Conducted local patrolling and refresher training vic DAU TIENG. A 2-12 established a night lager
vic XT512448."
{SOURCE: HQ 25th Div, 1st Brigade, Operation WILDERNESS ending 8 April 1968]

Alpha's night laager was 2 miles SE of Dau Tieng, 1 mile east of Highway LTL-14, and 1/4 mile north of the

27 MAR 68
A Co. KIA:
SGT Robert J. Frisk (24) of Woonsocket, RI perished in Binh Duong Province.

2-12 Inf: B Co conducted RIF from DAU TIENG to XT508446 where it joined A Co which had moved from its
night lager [sic] postion at XT512448; RIF continued to XT510450 where night lager was established. C Co
secured DAU TIENG Base Camp. Bravo moved 2 miles southeast. Alpha moved a few hundred meters west
and meeting Bravo, the companies established a night laager 1/2 mile east of the highway, just north of the

28 MAR 68
2-12 Inf: One platoon C Co air lifted from DAU TIENG to secure downed helicopter, XT42335, returned to
DAU TIENG after helicopter secured. A & B companies returned to DAU TIENG from night laager, and stood
down for maintenance. D Co conducted refresher training vic DAU TIENG Base Camp.

29 MAR 68
"2-12 Inf: Conducted refresher training vic DAU TIENG Base Camp D Co assumed role as Ready Reaction
Force for TAY NINH Base Camp. Battalion (-) helilifted back to TAY NINH."

30 MAR 68 - 2-12 Inf: OPCON to 199th LIB
2-12 Inf: Conducted airmobile movement to Go Dau Ha and FSB HAMPTON, XT400245 from DAU TIENG,
closed 1229 conducted local sweep in vic FSB, and secured FSB during hours of darkness.

".... seven miles northwest of Saigon, soldiers from the 2/12 Inf located 24 warheads and 12 mortars for
122mm rockets. As the misssion continued, the infantrymen found the bodies of 11 VC killed in previous
encounters. They also captured 2700 pounds of rice and three 60m mortar rounds.

31 MAR 68

2/12th Inf and Troop A, 3/4 Cav OPCON to 199th Light Infantry Brigade [199th LIB - 3/7th Inf and 4/12th Inf.],
who were in turn under direct control of HQ 25th Division. The 199th remained OPCON through April 9th
when they were released.
April 1968

April 1 to 3rd
The units are located near XT305308, laagering in a different NL each day after conducting RIF's of the area. The
morning of the 4th, 1st Plt reports heavy activity to their front from their AP, and determines that the force is
too large to engage. Once all AP's were back to the NL, the morning operation puts D Troop with their APC's on
line with Charlie Co. to begin a sweep to the west. Bravo Co. is on the right flank. One of the APC's spots
movement to the front. Pfc. Krause and Pfc. Schultz move forward and to the left. As they step onto the oxcart
trail, all hell breaks loose. Schultz is hit immediately and I hit the ground...........read more from my eyewitness
account (link above).

4-5 APR 68 - Battle at Ap Bao Go

Task Force: B,C,D 2/12th, D Troop 3/17th are working together: 3/7th , 4/14th and A 2/12th are separate and
operating to the north and west of this action.

B Co. KIAs:
SGT Lawrence E. "Ozzie" Osborne (20) of Peekskill, NY; and
SP4 David A. Rosenberger (21) of Orange, CA perished in Tay Ninh Province.
B Co WIA's:
2LT Patrick O'Brian (gut shot)
SP4 John Johnson
PFC Charles Allen
C Co. KIA's:
PFC David J. Schultz (21) of Kent, WA
SSG Tommy Knapp from Des Moines, IA perished in Tay Ninh Province.
C Co. WIA's:
2LT Hugh Vandervoort
PFC Kjell Solberg Jr.
SGT James Dixon
SP4 Carl Marlowe
PFC Barry Price (shrapnel)
PFC Arnold Krause (GS AK-47)
SGT John Spoores (GS AK-47)
D Co. WIA's
1LT Michael Syrne
SGT David Peterson
PFC Thomas Churchill
Medic PFC Kenneth " Doc " Blakely
Medic PFC Gary " Doc " Green
Medic SP5 Jerry " Doc " Swilley
3/17th KIA's:
SSG Richard Call from San Bernardino, Ca
SGT Heinrich Gerstheimer from Detroit, Michigan

BACK IN THE WORLD: On the 4th of April 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.

5 APR 68
B Co. KIAs:
SP4 Rafael Martinez-Santiago (21) of Ponce, PR; and
SP4 Robert R. Thompson (19) of Hanford, CA are killed while outside the wire near yesterdays action.

Total for two days, U.S. 8 KIA, 16 WIA's - VC 8 KIA, more graves located near by.

7 APR 68
"On 7 Apr the 2/12thInf conducted a reconnaissance in force (RIF) from XT1829 to XT175293. At 1105 hrs in the
vic of XT178295, Co. C received SA, AW and RPG fire. Fire was returned with org weapons, LFT & Arty. 3 US WIA
evac at 1305 hrs."
[Source: ORLL HQ 25th Div period ending 30Apr68 AGAM-P (M) (18 Jl68) FOR OT RD 682244 31 July1968]

The area of contact (XT1729) was some 14 miles south of Tay Ninh Base Camp and in the swamp land just south
of the Long Khanh forest, and within 800 yards of the Cambodian border. North of "the Angels Wing."

From the diary of Medic Andy Wahrenbrock:
April 7th - Hit again with sniper and RPG's around 0400 in the morning. Moved out with D and C Co'.s. Luckiest day
yet. Walked into a regimental size ambush 700 meters long. They sprung in too early and we really lucked out. They
hit us with RPG's and 75mm recoiless, mortars and automatic weapons. No one injured bad. We put in 800 artillery
and 7 air strikes. Base camp about 900 meters long. Didn't get hit that night. 2 companies of 199th moved to our
laarger sight.

April 8th - Went back in. Hit a couple of snipers. Two injured, moved on through and found some bodies and weapons
etc. Lots of bunkers. (Flagged) sent in six heat cases (medevac'd). It started to rain around 1900 or 2000. Start of the
monsoon. Haven't had a damn shower in 10 days now and I really stink. Our plt went from 23 to 16 men in two days.
Two slight WIA's, heat and odds and ends........
1968 - March to May
Read more about this operation
This map covers area about 5 miles NW of Tan
Son Nuit Airbase (Saigon). The dark-diagonal
line is Highway 1(QL-1), the MSL (Main Supply
Line) running northwest from Saigon through
Hoc Mon, Cu Chi, Trang Bang to Go Da Ha, and
(on QL-22) to Tay Ninh beyond. The blue lines
are canals and streams.
Read more about this operation
1st Brigade - OP Wilderness
Eyewitness accounting of this operation
199th LIB Daily Journal
13 MAY 68
An attack on Nui Ba Dien kicks off 'the Battle of Tay Ninh.' and meanwhile, there are coordinated attacks occuring
throughout the region. On top of Nui Ba Den, the secuity team and radio relay staff are overrun by a platoon sized
VC force who nearly wipe them out before being beaten back. Snoopy was called in to support, but the clouds
covering the mountain top made this difficult to accomplish. Special Forces arrived to help the local command
regain control of the situation.

Firefight at Ap Bau Dieu

"We have been with the 2/22 just over a week now. At first we were providing security for HHC 2/22. Soon
however that changed and we were brought to the party. Glancing over the battalion daily journal logs, the 1ST
Brigade is making contact every day. The area we are operating in runs from north west of Trang Bang to Go Dau Ha,
south to the north fringe of Hoc Mon, south to Dua Hoc and again to the northern side of Cu Chi and has been a
hotbed of activity. Every day, we are being sniped at along with RPG fire. The NLs are being hammered with 82MM
fire. Granted, not everyone is experiencing this, but at least one unit in the operation every night does.

May 12 was an uneventful day with everyone completing their missions with little fanfare. However, that night
much would change. Beginning with a mortar attacked on Alpha 46, 2/22ND NL position followed by RPG and small
arms fire that lasted for several hours from 0020 until 0230. The battalion journals are very unclear where this team
was located on the May 12 journal. Earlier in the day, they were way down near Hoc Mon at XT652107. However,
the journal shows A46 2/22 reporting 3 KIAs and 4 WIAs, location CP8. At 0505 that casualty report is updated to
show 4 KIAs, 11 WIAs, one 2 1/2T truck destroyed, 2 APCs hit by RPGs, damage unknown. One low boy, a total
loss and one gun ship hit. By 0235 the request for two medevacs is complete. Silence falls upon the NL site.

While the 2/22 was under attack, 4 ARVN compounds are also receiving incoming fire. They are located about 3
clicks SW of CP8. Further to the south, the 4/23 is under mortar attack and to the East, the 2/14 is being tested too.
All this between the hours of midnight and 3AM. Back to A 2/22s NL site, after receiving mortar fire, at daylight
they proceed on their road sweep and upon completing that mission, sweep north to 500M above CP5 and turn
around and move south arriving above CP8 around 9AM. Upon the completion of their engineer and road sweep
they move on to investigate the area of contact that they were in earlier that morning. As they approach the
village at XT 565163 they begin to receive AW and RPGs from the village of AP Bau Dieu which is just off of Hwy 1
halfway between Trang Bang and Cu Chi. They maneuver to the west side of the village.

The fight continues through the morning hours and the 2/22 has 9 WIAs some requiring a dust off. In the melee of
the fight, SFC Charles H Sandberg, from Philidelphia, PA. , 44TH Infantry Platoon (scout dogs) is killed along with
his dog, Buskshot (not a typo). The mech. unit tries to sweep the village, but the resistance is strong. 2/22 radios
for a LFT (light fire team, i.e. gunship) and CS ship to assist. By 0930, a request for a dust off to remove 6 WIAs is
issued. An APC is hit by an RPG. Clearance is granted for artillery fire which is soon pelting the village where the VC
is taking shelter.

TM C is called in to assist in the fight and taking up a block position to the southeast of the village and begins to
stop and collect people vacating the area. A unit of 65 ARVNs arrives as well and starts to interrogate the people
being held. VC are being observed leaving the village to the NE and NW. While this is going on, the 2/22 sends in
two platoons to sweep the village. At 1320 another request for a dust off is made for 3 WIAs. Its 1600 and TM B
arrives to support TM A on their right flank on the SW side of the village. What is confusing, is the activities of TM
B. They may have been assigned to stay in their larger site at CP31 on this day since there is no location
information in the daily log until they respond to A 2/22 contact in the afternoon. The location of CP31 could not be
established from the daily journals.

The LFT from 25TH Aviation, Diamond Head (Cu Chi) continues to circle overhead and targets several hoochs
where the VC is firing AWs from.

At 1845 the first of three airlifts arrives north of the village. C 2/14 arrives to secure the NL at CP8. Shortly
following, B 2/14 combat assaults the north side of the village, taking fire as they land and three slicks are hit, one
bad enough that it has to be airlifted to Cu Chi for repairs. Bravo 2/14 is now in a blocking position to have the
village completely surrounded.

Its 1655 and the 2/22 is receiving some 82MM fire. They report their situation at 1745 as 3 KIAs and 26 WIAs U.S.
and 16 VC B/C (body count). There is still some sporadic fire coming from the village. Fullback 6 (I believe this is
the call sign for 2/22 BN commander officer) informs Viking 6 we are up against at least 2 VC companies and
possibly one battalion of VC. 

Its dark now and each unit sends out ambush patrols. All is quiet for now. At 2222 Cu Chi and 2/22 HQ location
comes under mortar attack. 2/22 HQ reports and requests a dust off for one litter and six ambulatory wounded. At
the same time these mortar attacks occur, Nui Ba Den radio relay station reports that they are under heavy attack
from an unknown sized force. They are receiving AW, SAs, mortars and rockets. They are engaging with all organic
weapons on station. LFT and Spooky are on standby. Some bunkers have been destroyed. The enemy has
infiltrated a few spots in the perimeter. S3 (intelligence) has information that there is a 1000 man force heading
toward Duc Hua to conduct an attack on that outpost. We are tripping over the enemy movement every time we
break out of our larger sites.

The sun is rising on May 14 and we have held our positions during the night. The time is around 0800 and two foot
patrols, one each from A 2/22 and C 2/22 are ordered into the village to check out the situation. Within a few
minutes after talking to the local villagers, word is radioed back to command that the VC has left the area. Fullback
6 tells the whole operation to prepare for a full sweep of the area. A 2/22 and C 2/22 sets up roadblocks on all
roads leading out of the village to check all oxcarts and villagers for weapons and possible VC suspects. As the area
is swept, the network crackles with word of 2 VC bodies found in one area and 3 in another bringing the body
count up to 23 VC killed. At 1130, another 2 bodies are found and the sweep continues. As the teams move through
the area, one APC from C 2/22 hits a contact mine leaving a 3x5 crater. There are 4 WIAs and the APC is a combat

By 1500, its all over and the operation is abandoned. The sweep has confirmed 34 VC KIAs.  TM A and HQ head to
their NL at XT483196; TM B to XT544178; TM C to XT689098. Orders are given for each team to send out APs for the
night. A 2/22 36 is assigned to security for 3/22 convoy headed from Trang Bang to Cu Chi. The day is finally over.

Elsewhere is the area on May 13, elements from the 4/23 and D 2/14 came under heavy attack or make contact with
large enemy forces. S3 (intelligence) reported several large forces were seen moving south and southeast of
Hwy1. One group of 1000 is preparing to attack Duc Hoa. D 2/14 engaged in a company sized force near XT751166. At
the same time, the 4/23 is having their problems at XT621039. They suffered 4 KIAs and 20 WIAs.  They found a
few bodies with NVA uniforms on. It seems that Charlie has been seen wearing green uniforms, black pajamas, a
sprinkling of NVA garb and a few were killed wearing ARVN outfits. The 1/5 Bobcats were OPCONED to TF Daems at
1200 hours but returned to 1ST Brigade command around 1855 hours. Their casualty report stated 1 KIA and 14
WIAs, but their action location must be under someone elses log report. They arrive at XT575163 and set up a NL
in support of the 2/22 at 1900 hours." Source: Arnold Krause
5 MAY 68
From Mike Smith, A Co 2/22nd:
"2 81 gun tracks and our fdc track arrived at a culvert in the main road east of Trang Bang at dusk 5/5/68. There was a "Dragonwagon" tank hauler parked north of the culvert off the road. I now assume it was the C 2/12 we hooked up with. We put an APC to the west, one to the east and FDC command in the center of the perimeter. It was raining when we arrived, and shortly after the hasty bunker constructed by the 2/12 collapsed on their command group, RTO, CO, & 2 others. I was on the 50. to the east, so was not able to be part of the quick excavation. Wet sandbags can kill. The dust-off came in at dark and lifted them off. Our 1st Lt. Sorgee was in command of C team bravo, as 6. Weird shit, the dust-off is gone then a car comes up the road, stops, confronted, he needs gas, I, all we have is diesel. Seems like a nice guy beating curfew and low on fuel. He has a candle on the dashboard next to a Virgin Mary. I am Methodist and think, good Catholic man, our side. Retrospect. The tank hauler trailer was there to bridge the culvert if they over ran us and blew it. The NVA sighted or confirmed sighting on that dashboard candle. When it started, they were around the entire perimeter. Their 75 Recoilless first hit the gas tank of the big truck and back lit the field. It was a mess. It was a coordinated attack across the A.O. We fired all our 81's in an arc to the west. Set a rice hull stack on fire, it back lit them, but limited the vision of dust-off and resupply choppers. Choppers came in and resupplied all. We ain't talking shit, we fired over 100 rounds and were resupplied and fired 50 rounds of that. I grabbed bandoleers of M-16 and went hole to hole to the legs. It did not stop. The sweep of the area in the morning found the hulls of at least 50 rounds of 75mm. We had to sweep the road to Trang Bang. Then legs got on the tracks and we went to the village east. There was a split in the road. The ARVN fort was at the point. They had about 80 NVA KIA's in a  pile out front of the wire, but they would not come out and sweep the town. I was the pivot man and the 2/12 spread out. We are one man about every 10m., but this is a town. I step in the house closest to the fort. It was Vietnam NY. NY. All glazed tile floors. Problem,They kept their prize water buffalo in the same family space. The people left, the NVA killed the animals, so no cattle a mooing, and I was sliding through clotted blood on glassed tile. We got to the back of the town, mounted up and went to another...."

6 MAY 68

C Co. Laagered with 2/22 HQ at XT 483194 and at 0315 receives 30 rounds of mortar fire. 2/22 performs counter mortar along with artillery in direction of incoming. Flame 6 reports 2 WIA, space no dust off required.  At approximately 0345 C 2/22 receives 50 rounds mortar inside their perimeter and counters with 50 caliber and counter mortar at XT 589150. They call for a dust off for one litter and one ambulatory. At 0410 Cu Chi base comes under mortar attack suffering 15 to 25 casualties. At 0433 2/14 spots 50 to 75 VC in front of their location at XT 698158. At 0600 Cu Chi subsector and Bau Tri report ground attack at their locations. C Co. is regulated to conducting local RIFF. C 2/22 makes contact with the enemy receiving SA and AW fire at XT 629126 at 1000. A 2/22  arrives to support. Contact is broken at 1430 and C 2/22 reports 12 VC KIA; U.S. 7 WIA's. Contact resumed at 1545 with SA and AW fire. Results were 1 VC KIA and 1 U. S. WIA. A 2/22 reports 2 U.S. KIA's.

7 MAY 68
At 0420 2/22 reports 4 rounds of RPG's,  negative damage. C 2/12 reports 4 minor WIA's.  At 0941 3/11 sweeping area of contact  yesterday reports locating 13 graves. D 3/22 is in contact at XT 670103 and reports one KIA. C 3/22 is called in for support along with elements of the 3/11. When contact is broken D 3/22 has one KIA one WIA; 3/11 has one WIA and one lost tank. VC losses are five KIA. While C Co. remains at the NL, other elements of the Battalion A & B 3/22, A 2/22, A 2/14 are in contact. 2/14 is at XT651238, B 3/22 is XT563167. B reports 9 BC KIA and A reports 17 VC KIA. 3/11 and  C 3/22 are at XT657111: C 3/22 is reporting 4 WIA and and 3/11 reports 1 KIA and 1 WIA. At 0350 2/22 HQ at XT 458194 receives 49 rounds of 82 MM. Results are 10 US WIA's.

8 MAY 68
At 1350 C 2/12 leaves NL and conducts RIF to XT488185 to XT 491173 with negative results. A 2/22 is under contact at 2105 with two squads of VC at location XT 582160. C 2/22 reports same situation as A Co. C 2/22 reports three WIA's one litter and to amatory and calls for dust off.

11 MAY 68
C Co. is split up into 4 units along with A and C companies of the 2/22 Mechanized Infantry. Out of this we are made into 3 maneuvering teams comprised of APCs (M113s) and infantry. There are four platoons in each team, 16 for example represents 1st platoon; the 6 represents the platoon leader. My platoon, 3rd is assigned to TM C. We will be operating between Cp's located from Go Dau Hau south below Hoc Mon."  (source: Arnold Krause)

Team A (TM A): A Co 2/22, plts. 16, 36, 46 and C Co 2/12 26;
Team B (TM B): C Co 2/12 16, 46 and A 2/22 26 and C Co 2/22 36;
Team C (TM C): C Co  2/22 16, 26, 46 and C Co 2/12 36

The purpose is to patrol and provide security along Highway QL-1 between Tay Ninh, Go Dau Hau and Hoc Mon. TM A will be stationed at FSB Stuart ( Trang Bang ), TM B near Ap Bau Dieu, about halfway between Trang Bang and Cu Chi and TM C south of the junction at Hoc Mon. All teams conduct road sweeps with engineers on MSR then proceed with alternate sweeps in their areas of assignment with negative results and return to their NL's. As A side note more contact today by C 3/22 resulting in three VC KIA's location XT 738168.

May 12
TM C receives warning shots at XT 565180, and locates new bunkers in area. Team takes in the custody to women for children after locating fresh mortar site 4 sacks of rice, 4 punji pits and 10 bunkers. All teams returned to their NL's.
14 MAY 68
2/22 A46 in heavy contact at 0030. At 0100 4 ARVN compounds report under attack at XT 544157, 552175, 562163,
589119 with mortars and ground troops.  At 0505 2/22 reports 4 KIA,  11 WIA, 1 2 truck receives moderate
damage, two APC's hit by RPG. They further report after sweeping the area VC body count stands at 23 at XT5616.
At 1130 the report is two more VC bodies found. At 1140 C 2/14 reports two men gored by water buffalo. They
shot and killed the buffalo. Dust off not required. At 1415 4/23 at XT625035 reports that they remain in contact
with unknown number of VC. 2/34 A16 is on-site and placing effective fire with their 90 mms. TM C at 1523
reports location at XT689098. 2/22 reports total BC for May 13 was 34 VC KIA. At 2341 2/22 TM C reports changing
AP location due to close proximity of ARVN AP at XT707080.

Back at D.T. Co A is air lifted to the top of Nui Ba Den to reinforce the radio relay station after yesterdays assault
by the VC which killed 21 soldiers, mostly from the 125th Signal Bn and from the 4/9th.

15 MAY 68
Upon completion of all road sweeps teams will set up check mates then begin to conduct Cloverleaf operations.
At 1145 TM B at location XT550155 receives AW fire from three positions along with light machine gun fire. Unit
responds with organic weapons and maneuvering,  Each time element advances they draw AW fire. A 2/22 is
moving up to reinforce B 2/22 and to sweep area. At 1250 elements of 3/17 and 4/23 are engaged with 150 VC in
bunkers at XT 6203 engaging with LTFs and artillery. At 1410 results of airstrike at XT 635035 by B 3/17 are 15 VC
KIA.  2/22 elements lose contact and returned to NL. Meanwhile 4/9 is in contact at XT 6203 at 1950 request
artillery and puff support. 4/9 reports 2 KIA and 3 WIA.

May 16
All teams conducts sweeps beginning at 0600 and are completed at 0900. Teams conducts sweeps of their areas
along main routes. TM C at 1235 reports location at Cu Chi base camp. At 1240 TM C leaves Cu Chi to escort convoy
in route for Duc Hoa. Upon completion TM C returns to NL at XT687099. TM A is at XT483196 and TM B loc not

17 MAY 68
PFC Gerald Le Blanc from Port Allen, LA perishes in Hau Nghia province.
PFC Ed Coller

Team B (TM B): C Co 2/12 16, 46 and A 2/22 26 and C Co 2/22 36 is conducting a RIF in the vic of XT445190 when it
makes contact with a VC force.

After all teams departed their NLs and completed their morning tasks of sweeping the MSRs they started their
morning sweeps of assigned TAOR around 1100. B 2/14 reports being in contact at XT755169.  At  1145, TM B at
XT544190 starts receiving AW, RPG and .51Cal fire. TM B engages with organic fire and pulls back to allow artillery
fire support. Unit requests dustoff for 1 U.S. hit needing 4 pints of O blood. Its reported that they have
discovered a small base camp and VC are in bunkers.

B 2/14 reports at 1400 they have 7 VC KIA and 2 U.S. WIA with a LFT on station for support.  At 1500 B 2/22 (TM B)
moves into area of contact again and starts receiving SA fire. The CS Ship on station takes multiple hits to radio
and is forced to return to Cu Chi. At 1550 TM B is receiving mortar, RPG and SA fire again. At 1700 area is prepped
with arty and tactical air support and TM A arrives on scene as reinforcement. 1735 completes 2nd air strike in
area receiving heavy SA fire from ground. TM A probes the area and comes under heavy fire and withdraws. A
third airstrike is completed at 1900 still receiving fire. TM B closes at NT XT546178; reports 1 KIA and 3 WIAs. TM A
has 1 WIA. Update to B and D 2/14 contact was 3 KIA and 5 WIA; 4 VC KIA. Ed Coller is hit in the index finger while
holding his M-79 and walking across an open field, a million dollar wound that sends him home after one month
in country. He was near Le Blanc when he got hit. Coller spends four months in the hospital before ending up at Ft
Hood to finish out his time.

" I can't shed a lot of light on Le Blanc. If I remember right he was only there a couple weeks or so and I really
didn't get to know him. I believe he was hit by small arms fire as we were trying to set up a DP after breaking
contact with Charlie. It was raining and we were working with some APC's and one round hit the perimeter.  We
were not far from a small village and a cemetery but I don't know which one it was." Elmer Lightner, 1st Plt.

23 MAY 68
66th IPCT (Infantry Platoon Combat Tracker:
SP4  Rodney Marrufo Jr - Dog Handler with Black Lab
SSG Billy Joe Parrish - Visual Tracker

Team A (TM A): A Co 2/22, 1,3, 4th Plts and C Co 2/12 2nd Plt;
Team B (TM B): C Co 2/12 1st and 4th Plts and A Co 2/22 2nd Plt and C Co 2/22 3rd Plt

NOTE: For anyone who has copies of the daily battalion journals for the 2/12th will find this account somewhat
different than the journal. I believe that there are some reporting errors on the journal that do not align to what
happened in the field after interviewing several men who were involved in the action on this date, Jerry Suitor
and Andy Wahrenbrock with TM A, and Elmer Lightner with TM B . The confusion comes from TM A being split up
this day, into two teams, each operating separate missions and in separate locations; one team assigned to
sweep north from their NL location and the other to travel south.

I believe after doing a RIF, TM B returns to their NL site and from there is dispatched on another mission
(bushmaster ambush). Each team TM A gets engaged, in contact with the enemy roughly during the same period
of time, the journal entries seem not track with the actions being reported by the field and in some cases seem to
be combining some team entries instead of splitting them apart. The journal indicates that two teams (TM A and
TM B) each reported a KIA plus wounded. The only men killed this day were two dog handlers, who are reported
as being attached to HHC 2/27th Wolfhounds but operated out of Cu Chi. There were no casualties from either the 
2/12th or 2/22nd that I can confirm from the Coffelt database or the Vietnam Wall Memorial. The fact that tells
me the journal is wrong, is that Jerry Suiter, 38th IPSD says he was taking instructions from Lt Jimmy Ford, who
was 2nd plt leader from TM A. TM B (Elmer Lightner)  is dispatched from their NL site to assist TM A who was in
contact and arrived after the report of casualties. That places this action with TM A, the team that had the dog
handlers. The journal reports that TM B requested a dog team, but it was TM A's request and that is how Jerry
Suitor was air lifted out to TM A's location along with the 66th IPCT team.- Sarge Krause

This morning, TM A continues to operate split apart with the MECH heading north from their NL to clear the MSR
and the INF sweeping south on a RIF from their NL at XT501196 (FSB Stuart). Early in the morning 0900, an ARVN
compound reports receiving mortar fire and SA fire at XT349335 from est force of 50 VC. 4/23 is dispatched to
sweep area around 0940. AT 1400, a Little Bear chopper reports receiving fire in same area.  After sweeping the
MSR road and outposts, TM A (team A - MECH) is ordered to return to same area and make a sweep. At 1440 they
report from their location XT347345 they are receiving RPG and small arms fire. They have one WIA and one APC 
hit by RPG and non-operational. Team returns fire with organic weapons and requests LTF and FAC with A-S. At
1445 TM A MECH reports no longer receiving fire.  TM A has pulled back to MSR and have requested C-S ship. They
are told to outpost MSR and send second convoy thru vicinity of contact.  LFT is on station and TM A is no longer
receiving fire. No casualties reported and no body count found.

In the south, TM B - INF (C 2/12th 1st/4th plts) completes their RIF. They end up at their NL of TM B loc XT547186
around 1200. At 1215 TM B  is assigned a bushmaster (ambush) at XT548186 at a trail crossing in a hedgerow area.
At 1225, 6 VC walk into area and are engaged with Claymore mines, VC dropped to the ground. Negative fire was
returned.  After waiting, at 1300 TM B  sweeps area and finds several blood trails leading to a bunker then departs
to TM B NL site.   TM A at 1420 in location of XT 557196 run into VC who are located in the hedgerow laced with
spider holes and they open up on TM A - INF. The team pulls back receiving RPG, small arms and AW fire; returns
fire with organic weapons then withdraws requesting a LFT (by LT Ford) and a request for a dog team arrives by
Huey at TM A's location. The LFT (25th Av Bn, Diamondhead) is on station. Smoke is popped to ID their location.
The gunship makes a pass in error at the hedgerow where the 2nd Plt and one dog team is located and fires 6-8
rockets hitting the G.I.'s. Result is 1 KIA (SSG Billy Parrish, Visual Tracker) who takes a direct hit. Dog handler
Rodney Marrufo runs to assist Parrish and gets hit by another rocket, killing his dog and is severely wounded
himself along with 4 WIA's among them are Abney, Woodson and medic Andy Wahrenbrock who is sent home
with a broken ball socket joint from the impact. At 1625 TM B - INF leaves NL in route to area of contact (log is
wrong as they are sent to TM A's area of contact) and arrives to support TM A.

38th IPSD Scout Dog handler Jerry Suitor (attached to HHC 1/27th) helps load some of the WIA's onto the gunship
after this event. SSG Billy Parrish is dead, missing limbs. The platoon withdraws and the KIA (Parrish) has been
left in area of contact. At 1835, TM A  reports they are firing into VC positions and have sent in a probe into area to
retrieve KIA. Upon retrieving the body, start receiving mortar and RPG fire. They are pulling back again and are
counter firing  with mortar and artillery fire. They have requested a dust off. At 1840, TM A  reports they are
returning to NL location. Total report is 1 KIA, 5 WIA's and 1 VC KBA (killed by artillery fire). SP4 Rodney Marrufo
dies at 12th Evac Hospital. Later that night at 2030, TM A (journal says TM B) reports that one of their 5 WIA's
D.O.W, now 2 KIA's and 4 WIA's.

Dewitt Roberts, 38th  who was with the 38th IPSD,  Scout Dog team says:
It was a dark day for members of the entire 66th IPCT the evening SSG Billy Joe Parrish, and SP4 Rodney Marrufo
were KIA. Jerry Suitor (scout dog tracker) and another unknown 25th Div Grunt  loaded SSG Parrish on the Gunship
that killed them. Parrish was blown in half at the waist by a chopper rocket with the exception of a bit of skin. They
had him folded in half in one of their shirts used as a stretcher. Suitor was in shock then and his circuit breaker
appears to have spared him some of the details to this date.

Andy Wahrenbrock recounts his time at 12th Evac after the action:
"There I was, on a gurney heading for skin graph surgery, location the 12th Med Evac unit in Cu Chi, South
Vietnam, in 1968. I vividly remember that morning being wheeled to pre-op down a hallway while IV bottles on the
shelves rattled from the concussion of B-52 five hundred- and thousand- pounders dropped along the wire of the
25th Infantrys sprawling base camp.

"The period was later to be known as the Tet Echo.

"I was to remain in the hospital for three weeks while my doctors cured me of an infection I picked up from the
wounds, the air, the water, the country - take your pick. Then off to Japan for transport to the Fort Ord hospital to
complete my recovery.

"The sudden change from the 24/7 adrenalin rush of a combat medic in an infantry platoon during the 1968 Tet to a
painkiller-induced stupor left me with few memories of my hospital stay. One that does truly stand out is the day
three 'celebrities' on a USO tour walked through my ward. They were Los Angeles DJ Johnny Grant, comedian Vicki
Lawrence, and another TV starlet whose name I cant recall. They stopped and chatted with me for a few minutes
and all three signed the body cast I was wearing at the time. My overseers swapped out my body cast a couple of
times after that visit, but I managed to keep the signed section of it until it was somehow misplaced years later in
my travels.

25 MAY 68
At 1315 TM B conducts a combat assault to LZ XT480208 and conducts a sweep. At 1600 team is returned to XT

26 MAY 68
at 0915 TM B conducts combat assault to XT 629126. At 0950 TM A becomes OPCON'D to the 3RD Brigade. TM B sets
up outposts at XT. At XT629926 while TM C establishes outposts on MSR at XT387251 down to XT712071 and
establishes roving patrol between outposts. At 1220 TM C provides escort for convoy at Duc Hoa. The company is
returned to Dau Tieng, but remains OPCON'd to the 2/22 until June 1st. During this time, they run night ambush
patrols in the rubber plantation.

30 MAY 68
1LT Ronald Hendricks, from Co D takes over as C.O. for Co C as 1LT Jay Hickey moves up to battalion.  1LT Jimmy
Ford moves from 2nd plt. to X.O.  Two new officers arrive, 1LT R.W. "Bud" McDaniel takes a position at HQ. and
1LT Richard Wiggins takes over 2nd plt., both Richard and "Bud" went through OCS together are fresh from jungle
school in Panama.
Battalion Daily Journal Log
MAY 1968
Co's A, B and D of the 2/12th INF remain in Dau Tieng area of operation. Co C is OPCON'd to the 2/22 on May 4th and is flown down via Chinook to a FSB located south of QL-1 outside of Trang Bang. Within a few days, three teams are made of up the C 2/12, C2/22 and A 2/22nd to patrol the MSR between Go Dau Ha and south to Hoc Mon. They will remain OPCON'd until the end of May.

3 MAY 68
D Co. KIA's:
PFC. Warren F. Nickel, Jr. (25) of Watsonville, CA perished in Binh Duong Province; and
PFC. Fred P. Stafford (20) of Beaumont, TX perished in Tay Ninh Province.
4 MAY 68
Co C is put on 30 minute alert status and is airlifted to Trang Bang and OPCON'd to the 2/22 for support.
"We head to the airfield and soon catch an eagle flight down to Trang Bang to secure an artillery battery and provide firepower to a laager site. Charlie Company is OPCONd to 1ST Brigade while the rest of the battalion remains in Dau Tieng. We are placed under the operational control of the 2/22 Mechanized, call sign Fullback.  They are operating to the southwest and east of Trang Bang. We are told there are approximately 8 VC battalions operating in the area. For the next few days we are holed up in a larger site at XT458194.
Marrufo and Parrish - photo taken near Dau
Tieng earlier in the year. Roll mouse
over to enlarge photo. - Sarge