3rd Tactical Wing USAF
3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry
1st Bn 5th Inf Mech
7th Air Force
1st Bn 8th Artillery
4th Bn 9th Inf
11th Armored Cav
"Black Horse"
7th Bn 11th Artillery
2nd Bn 12th Inf
3rd Bn 13th Artillery
2nd Bn 14th Inf
3rd Bn 17th Cav
19th Tactical Air Supp.
2nd (Mech) and 3rd Bn 22nd Inf
4th Bn (Mech)  23rd Inf
Little Bears and Diamond Head
25th Support Bn
1st and 2nd Bn 27th Inf
44th, 46th Inf Plt "Scout Dogs"
50th Inf Plt F Plt "Scout Dogs"
65th Engineer Bn
77th Artillery
90th Fighter Squadron
506th Bn 101st ABN
125th Signal Bn
159th Medical Detacment
199th LIB
2nd Bn 34th Armor
325th Support Bn
510th Fighter Squadron
725th Support Bn
A Troop 3/17th Cav
503rd Bn 173rd ABN
1 and 2nd Bn
1 and 2nd 26th Bn
1st Div
4th "IVY" Div.
1st Air Cav
82nd ABN
9th Div
25th "Tropic Lightning" Div
1st Bn "Panthers" 69th Armor
Patches Patches & Insignia's Patches & Insignia's
116th "Stingers" AHC
187th "Crusaders" AHC
12th Evac Hospital "Cu Chi"
242nd AHC Chinooks
128th "Tomahawks" AHC