Alpha Co. KIA's
Killed In Action
14 JAN 1967
SP4 Joseph Donat Noel

27 JAN 1967
PFC Armand Aufiere
SP4 John C. Faidley
Medic SP4 Donald W. "Doc" Evans Jr  (HHC Co - Attached to Co A) - Awarded Medal of Honor

26 FEB 1967
SP4 Robert Gold ( HHC Co Attached to Co A)

15 MAR 1967
SGT(E4) Thomas C. Nickerson
SGT(E4) Clinton A. Smith

21 MAR 1967
SP4 Larry Dean Barton

13 MAY 1967
PFC Dennis Leroy Hubbard
PFC Paul E. Manske

20 MAY 1967
PFC Eugene A. Ward

1 AUG 1967
CPL(E3) Steven Michael Stofko

25 OCT 1967
SGT(E4) Bobby Joe Bonin
PFC Gordon J. Graham
CPL(E3) Alex Ray Houston
PFC Carl Spaul Thorne-Thomsen
SP4 Arthur C. Roesler

15 NOV 1967
SP4 Donald E. Kreuscher
SP4 Jimmy E Flynn

16 NOV 1967
Medic  SP4 John Steven "Steve" Mc Connell (HHC Co - Attached to Co A)

20 NOV 1967
PFC Keneth A. Peterson

26 DEC 1967
SP4 Sammy Buffington

31 DEC 1967
PFC Guillermo Estrada

8 JAN 1968
PFC Larry G. Dearing

9 JAN 1968
SSG Harold James Wesolick Jr.

6 FEB 1968
CPL Richard Benjamin

9 FEB 1968
SP4 Raymond J. Palacio
PFC Walter Raymond Waschick

11 FEB 1968
SP4 Given West Bradley
PFC Peter Alan Hill
Medic PFC Frank Louis Stec (HHC Attached to A Co) 

4 MAR 1968
SGT Israel Lonzo Ingram

26 MAR 1968
PVT Larry Eugene Elmore

27 MAR 1968
SGT Robert J. Frisk

18 JUN 1968
SGT(E4) Audrey Julius Cook
PFC Andrew Jose Pacheco

25 JUL 1968
SGT Carson Gregory Culleton [Died of Wounds]

10 OCT 1968
SP4 Stanley G. Denisowski  -DSC Awarded
CPL (E3) Michael Eugene Evans
SFC (E4) Eugene A. Handrahan (Missing in Action; declared dead 1/15/1979)
SGT Baynes Ballew McSwain  - DSC Awarded
CPL (E3) Michael E. Randall Sr - DSC Awarded

8 DEC 1968
SP4 Donald Kirby Cheek

11 DEC 1968
SGT Dennis Eugene Edge
SP4 Willie Lee Hall Jr
PFC Leroy Henry Romig
PFC Charles E. Russell III

22 DEC 1968
PFC Edward Arnold Morrison

17 JAN 1969
PFC Frank H. Browne II
SP4 Bruce M. Reiter

4 FEB 1969
SSG James D. Camp

8 FEB 1969
SP4 Michael John Spear

10 MAR 1969
PFC Cecil W. Tillman

11 MAR 1969
SP4 Donald Leon Fowler
PFC Melvin Guyton
PFC George Julius Smith Jr

20 MAR 1969
PFC Filemon Serrano

7 APR 1969
SGT Darrell Edward Walden (DSC awarded)

20 APR 1969
1LT Tyrone Joseph Staten  (HHC Attached)

1 MAY 1969
PFC  Steven D Belsly
PVT Charles Benny Hight
SGT Kenneth L. White

7 MAY 1969
CPL(E3) Norbert Montoyo-Rodriguez

11 MAY 1969
1LT Thomas W. Hastings  (HHC Attached)

29 MAY 1969
PFC Gerald Wayne Posten

6 JUN 1969
SP4 Terry L. Jenkins

11 JUN 1969
PFC Thomas Phillip Dawson

28 JUL 1969
PFC Howard Wallace Lakey 

30 JUL 1969
1LT Tony Harper (HHC Attached)
1LT John Douglas McArthur (HHC Attached)

26 SEP 1969
PFC Norman Kermit Fork

15 OCT 1969
PSG Francis P. Creamer

18 OCT 1969
PFC Robert LaCombe

24 OCT 1969
1LT Steven Boal
1LT David Lee Sackett
SP4 Benton Brown
SP4 Ralph W. Johnson
PFC Vernon J. Seger
PFC Thomas D. Tomaszewski
Medic (HHC Co) SP4 Ronald Sowell (Distinguished Service Cross)

26 OCT 1969
SGT Robert Funk (Died of 24OCT69 wounds)

13 DEC 1969
CPL James Michael "Mike" Cheatham

21 JAN 1970
PFC Charles "Terry" Russell

4 APR 1970
PVT James E. Abbott

11 APR 1970
PFC John Clifford Chaves (Died of 21JAN70 wounds)

26 APR 1970
SSG Darreld Fisher
PFC Ronald Ellis Newman
PFC Robert Lee Rogers
SGT Jose Vazquez

4 JUN 1970
SGT Russell Dale Shue
SSG Robert Erick Uthemann

5 JUN 1970
PFC David A. Meirose
SGT William Ace Billy Morton

15 AUG 1970
PFC Warren Charles Anderson
PFC Brian J Bennett

5 JAN 1971
PFC Rodney Eugene Morgan

Special thanks to Richard Coffelt, historian, and Korean War Vet - for his voluminous
contributions of names on our Honor Roll and to Bill Comeau [Alpha6xray] for his roster of
the early years and many of the  photos that are displayed on this page. - Sarge
"Each person that died was a brave and honorable infantryman and should be
remembered." - Captain Boyd
Alpha Co. KIA's
Armand Aufiere
John Faidley
Donald Evans Jr
Thomas Nickerson
Clinton Smith
Dennis Hubbard
Bobby Bonin
Gordon Graham
Alex Houston
Carl Thorne-Thomsen
Arthur Roesler
Raymond Palacio
Given Bradley
Peter Hill
Audrey Cook
Andrew Pacheco
Eugene Handrahan
Donald Kreuscher
Jimmy E Flynn
Walter Waschick
Frank Stec
Paul Manske
Baynes McSwain
Mike Randall
Charles Russell III
Melvin Guyton
David Sackett
Steven Boal
Steven Belsly
Kenneth White
Vernon Seger
Thomas Tomaszewski
Robert Rogers
Russell Shue
David Meirose
William Morton
Warren Anderson
Charles Hight
Darreld Fisher
Brian Bennett
Tony Harper
Benton Brown
(updated 6/21/17 - Sarge)
Leroy Romig (one of these guys is Romig)
Robert Uthemann
Ronald Newman
Dennis Edge
Ralph Johnson
Donald Fowler