Charlie Co. KIA's
Killed In Action
21 OCT 1966
PVT Robert F. Ehlers

3 JAN 1967
SP4 Ronald L. Arrigoni

5 JAN 1967
SP4 Jimmy A. Miller
PFC Roger C. Mitchell
SP4 Martin W. Moreno
SP4 David L. Pearson
PFC Harvey R. Parker

24 JAN 1967
PFC Richard A. Erickson

16 FEB 1967
PFC Lawrence R. Kusilek
30 APR 1967
SP4 Jose I. Garcia-Maldonado

20 JUL 1967
PFC Johnny T. Branham
PFC Thomas Gurley

31 OCT 1967
SP4 Curtis F. Williams, Jr.

20 NOV 1967
PFC Gregory S. Fennimore

5 FEB 1968
PFC Kenneth W. Coates
PFC M. L. Curry
PFC Larry W. Norgaard
PFC Wesley G. Thurston

12 FEB 1968
PFC Edmund A. O'Connor

23 FEB 1968
SP4 James S. Strickland Jr.

4 MAR 1968
SP4 Lorence M. Lundby
PFC Edward A. Schultz

4 APR 1968
PFC David J. Schultz
SSG Tommy D. Knapp

22 APR 1968
SP4 Johnny S. Taitague

17 MAY 1968
PFC Gerald T. Le Blanc

9 JUN 1968
PFC Juan Antu

14 JUL 1968
PFC Richard A. McGeath

3 DEC 1968
PFC John R. Ausbern
SP4 Don W. Bonner
SGT Alex B. Conley
PVT James T. Sheffield
SP4 Arthur L. Warner

10 DEC 1968
SP4 William A. Lowry
SSG Donald F. McKenzie

12 DEC 1968
1LT James A. Merrett (HHC Attached)
SP4 Robert L. Beltran
SP4 Ronald S. Stepsie

14 DEC 1968
SGT Richard J. Conlin

8 JAN 1969
Medic (HHC Co) SP4 Larry E Stephens

11 JAN 1969
Medic (HHC Co) SP5 Leavy C.  Solomon

28 FEB 1969
PFC Bruce E. Reed

4 MAR 1969
SP4 Richard L. Deimler

18 MAR 1969
Medic (HHC Co) SP5 Leonard Dodson
PFC Loren C. Jones

19 MAR 1969
PFC Richard D. Satterthwaite

29 MAR 1969
SFC John Leroy Partee

8 APR 1969
SP4 Glennie W. Cain
PFC Ismael F. Hornelas
SP4  Donald Ray Cooper

16 APR 1969
SSG Robert P. Roehmer

27 APR 1969
Medic (HHC Co) SP4  William H. Kindle

11 MAY 1969
SSG Hubert S. Tilley, Jr.
SP4 Victor M. Yanez

11 JUL 1969
PFC Joseph A. Taisler

17 JUL 1969
SGT Michael G. Emeigh
PFC Arlin D. Franken

20 JUL 1969
PFC Lee Tryon, Jr.

28 JUL 1969
Medic (HHC Co) SP4 Peter James Gerry

2 OCT 1969
SP4 Dennis M. Lambert

18 FEB 1970
PFC Nixon D. Pike

17 APR 1970
SGT Barclay L. Volk

8 JUN 1970
PVT Creighton W. Sistrunk

31 JUL 1970
SGT William E. Austin
SGT Gregg F. Steimel

24 NOV 1970
1LT Victor L. Ellinger (HHC Attached)

5 JAN 1971
PFC Eugene H. McKay III

17 JAN 1971
PFC Joseph S. Tidwell

2 MAR 1971
PFC Paul L. Bradshaw
Updated 6/21/17
Charlie Co. KIA's
Tommy is buried at Newton Union Cemetery, Newton, Jasper Co, Iowa.
Donald McKenzie
Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Hwy 9, Dillon County, S.C.
Buried in Murphysboro, Illnois

Buried in Uvalde, TX
Robert Beltran
Ron Stepsie
Loren Jones
Donald Cooper
Buried Mt Vernon Cemetery, Sacramento, CA
Ismel F Hornelas
Buried Ft McPherson National, Lincoln, Nebraska
William Lowry
Alex Conley
1LT James Merrett
Buried Chambers Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery, Harrisburg, PA
Buried at Palmetto, Georgia
He is buried in Green Oaks Cemetery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Edward Schultz is buried at San Luis Cemetery, San Luis Obispo, Ca.
Buried in North Carolina
Lorence Lundby
"If you are able, save for them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go. Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always. Take what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own. And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind."   - Author Unknown
William Austin
Gregg Steimel
Arlin Franken
Larry Norgaard
Michael Emeigh
Roger Mitchell
Martin Moreno
David Pearson
Harvey Parker
Kenneth Coates
John Ausbern
Jimmy Sheffield
Hurbert Tilley Jr
Jimmy Miller
Victor Yanez