Dau Tieng - 1966 to 1968
Camp Rainier - Tay Ninh Province
Camp Rainier was built in November, 1966 by the 2/12th and 2/22nd and became the 3rd Brigade 4th Div base camp. Home to Michelin Rubber Plantation to our right and the Ben Cui Rubber Plantation to our left. A glorious hiding spot for the VC. The rubber trees offered excellent cover from aerial observaton and difficult to see into from the ground.

This is John Spoores from Indiana, who was in my platoon. He may have been my squad leader at the time when I first got in country. He was there when we were still in the 4th Division.

Sarge Krause
The bunker line near Charlie Co.
ARVN Ranger unit
Pool built during the French occupation
Barrack at Camp Rainier - Bill Zimmerman on left
Aerial photo of Camp Rainier taken Nov., 2010
Ed Wales from New York before he was transferred from Delta Co to Charlie Co posing in the 2/12th
base camp area.
Out in the Michelin Rubber somewhere in April, 1968
3rd Brigade HQ's
Dau Tieng Village
Artillery emplacements at Dau Tieng
Nui Ba Den - Black Virgin
Photos of Dau Tieng 1968 Era

Slide show of Dau Tieng November 1966-1967 Era
Dau Tieng - 1966 to 1968
Did Alpha Co ever have their own Company sign????